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TV Guide Magazine Talks to Brett Claywell, After Elton and Me on OLTL Kish Off!

For his wrap up story on One Life to Live's Kishtastrophe, TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan spoke to Brett Claywell (Kyle), After Elton's astute editor Michael Jensen, ABC Daytime's top PR person Jori Petersen and me. Since it would be totally egotistical to pull one of my own quotes— and we all know I am as meek and humble as a wee lamb— I am gonna grab one of Jensen's on-the-money statements: 

The firing will leave CBS’ As the World Turns as the only soap with gay characters right now, and that has AfterElton’s Jensen noting a disconnect. “Isn’t the goal of the soaps—and really all programming —to lure younger viewers?” he asks. “Well, it’s the younger viewers who are just fine about seeing gay people on TV. They are much more tolerant than older viewers. They live in a world where diversity is increasing and is an accepted part of life.”

Jensen adds that gay fans feel a sense of ownership when it comes to gay characters. “We have so few good representations out there that you become attached to the ones that do exist,” he says. “Obviously, we can’t demand that OLTL keep gay characters on its canvas. It’s their show, not ours. But we sure have a right to say ‘If you have no gay characters then you’re not doing your job when it comes to reflecting reality. READ MORE

Ex- OLTL Star Scott Evans Takes The High Road at Fan Event

We Love Soaps TV'
s Damon Jacobs caught up with ousted One Life to Live star Scott Evans and GREEK actor Gregory Michael at the recent Gays of Our Lives event in New York. Once again, Evans proves how graceful he is by basically saying the brass at OLTL didn't owe him a call to tell him he wasn't coming back because he was on recurring. 

Good for Evans for taking the high road, but I still say it was a tacky, chicken shit move on the part of OLTL executive producer Frank Valentini to allow this man to find out his groundbreaking, buzz-generating story— not to mention his job—was coming to an end via his doggone Twitter account! It wasn't like Evans was an Under 5, or a fry cook at Mickey D's. He carried half of the one storyline garnering this soap any favor. Ugh, still disgusted.  Keep shaking the haters off Kish boys.

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Chris Evans to Play Captain America

Chris Evans, brother of One Life to Live's Scott Evans, has signed on to play the highly sought after role of Captain America in Marvel's big screen release of the Captain America franchise, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Evans, who played the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four films, landed the role amid a slew of other possible stars, including The Young and the Restless'  Wilson Bethel who was also in the running.

Chris Evans Photo by PR Photos

Kish's Last OLTL Airdate Set

Get ready to break out your hankies Kish fans. The beloved One Life to Live couple's last scene together is set for April 12, according to TV Guide Magazine.  Fans will get the last glimpse of Kyle (Brett Claywell) four days later on April 16. The magazine spoke with Scott Evans about Fish's reluctance to step up and admit baby Sierra Rose could possibly be his child. Says Evans,
"There are a lot of angry fans saying, ‘Why doesn’t Fish just man up and be responsible?‘ But they’re missing the bigger picture,” insists Evans. “This is a scary thing Fish isn’t ready for. He’s just out of the closet. He’s just started a new relationship. People take nine months to prepare to welcome a child into their lives. Fish isn’t mentally prepared to take this next step forward.” Adds the openly gay actor: “I can relate in a way. If I suddenly found out today that I was going to be a father, I don’t know what I’d do!”

Kish Fans Gear Up For Good Morning America Rally One Week From Friday!

Kish fans, mount up! A rally is being held to peacefully assemble and protest the shady firings of Scott Evans and Brett Claywell next Friday, March 26 outside the Good Morning America Times Square Studio. See there, Kish fans ain't playing! The GMA Times Square Studio is located at 1500 Broadway New York City, New York 10036, at 44th street. GMA tapes between 7-9 am. For more information on the rally, visit the effort's official Facebook page, or check out the Don't Put Kish in the Closet blog. But before you do that, check out the rabble-rousing  MVID, created by OneLife2Rock, after the jump.

DC Exclusive: Former OLTL Star Nick Rodriguez on Working With Brett Claywell and Scott Evans

Former One Life to Live star Nicholas Rodgriguez, who worked closely with Brett Claywell (Kyle) and Scott Evans (Fish) when his character, gay activist Nick Chavez, was put in a love triangle with the pairing on the sudser last fall, has spoken out on the record to Daytime about what it was like to be a part of that groundbreaking storyline, as well as his experience working with the two actors on the set of the ABC soap opera.

"I am so proud of them both for how they are handling this situation," says Rodriguez, who is currently in Washington D.C. performing in the musicial Light in the Piazza. "I am truly proud of all our work together and the honesty and sincerity that came with these relationships. Not only was there an emphasis on professionalism and good acting, but there was always an obligation to present these gay men as honest, true, fully fleshed out human beings. I absolutely treasure my part in the creative process with Brett Claywell and Scott Evans. I have no doubt they will go on to do many more incredible things."