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DC #477: ABC Busted!

On today's ABC episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Jamey, Jillian and Eye on Soaps' Belinda discuss the latest in All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live storylines and news, including:

All My Children was ABC's highest rated soap. What in the world is going on? Is there a logical explanation? What has happened to Pine Valley's Jesse Hubbard? Is he proving to be a corrupt cop? Brot and Natalia are a cute couple, but is Natalia too intense about being a cop? David Hayward tries to hold Amanda's womb captive. Luke makes an admission about AMC he never thought he'd hear himself say.

General Hospital was on fire with Jonathan Jackson's return as Lucky' and Claudia being busted. Maurice Bernard and Sarah Brown gave standout performances. The gang reacts to the news that Natalia Livingston is leaving GH. With Jonathan Jackson back, should GH try and get Amber Tamblyn back? Belinda makes a "shocking" statement that has Jamey defending one of his favorite characters

Llanview celebrated one big gay wedding on One Life to Live. Was it a metaphor for the show's other couples? Scott Evans gave a standout performance as Oliver Fish. David Vickers has "a date with Destiny" as they go to London to rescue Matthew. With Forbes March leaving As the World Turns would this be a good time to bring him back as Nash to reunite with Jessica?

All this and more on today's ABC episode of Daytime Confidential

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Monday's One Life to Live: Soap Done Good

There are very few times anymore in which one episode of a soap opera makes me realize why I truly still love this genre. Monday's episode of One Life to Live did just that. READ MORE

Kish Kiss Spoiler Pic From One Life to Live!!!

Get ready to swoon Kish lovers! Next week is the one you've been waiting for, as Kyle (Bretty Claywell) and Fish's (Scott Evans) tumultuous boy-boy romance comes to a head at mayoral candidate Dorian Lord's (Robin Strasser) Big Gay Wedding on One Life to Live. We're hearing the Friday, Nov. 6 episode is Must See Soap Opera! Check out this spoiler pic, courtesty of ABC. WATCH ONE LIFE TO LIVE!

Photo Credit: Lou Rocco /ABC

Scott Evans on Kish: "Something Always Comes Up"

In an interview with TV Guide Magazine, Scott Evans talks about One Life to Live's Kish making it "official."

Let’s get back to “Kish.” They’re going to give it a go as a couple but Roxy [Ilene Kristen] tries to rush things by urging them to marry with the rest of the couples.

[Laughs] The guys both realize they should probably go on a date first. After everything that’s gone on between them, there’s no way they’re about to put a ring on it just yet. But, yeah, they decide to be a couple and even that won’t be easy because something always comes up—no pun intended. Kyle is a med student on call, Fish is a cop on call, so it’ll be tough to schedule a relationship. It’ll be frustrating for the fans who’ve been waiting so long for them to get together but, eventually, they’ll get what they want. We gotta take it one step at a time. I hope we’re shattering [the notion] that gay guys can’t wait to get into bed. That’s a stereotype. They’ll be spending time together when they can. He comes over to Fish’s place for Thanksgiving. It’s all very, very sweet. It’ll be nice to see the relationship develop.

Photo by PR Photos

Who do you want Kyle (Brett Claywell) to be with?

Will Fish's Parents Come to Terms With His Sexuality?

One Life to Live's Scott Evans and real-life mother Lisa Evans, visit with Michael Fairman about Lisa portraying Scott's onscreen mother Barbara Fish, in an interview published by the Advocate.

Will Fish’s mom come to terms with his sexuality in the upcoming episodes?

Scott: I think there is a more a resolution with Fish and his mother than with Fish and his father. There is a resolution there, but everything is not better…but not as bad as it was. There are some very touching scenes that I am very excited to see play out.

Lisa: I am really hoping to see Fish’s father come around. What you will see is something resolved with him and Barbara, but the way it will be left with Fish and his father is not great. I would like to see that change, and people need to see that. There needs to be a change because it breaks my heart to think this may be the way things are with some families. I know that’s true, but it’s hard for me to wrap my head around because I am not familiar with that sort of thing.


OLTL Casts Lisa Evans as Fish's Mother

One Life to Live has cast Scott Evans's real-life mother, Lisa Evans, as Fish's mother Barbara, according to SOAPnet. This comes amidst the recent high profile casting of former Weeds and The Wire stars Tonye Patano and Frankie Faison as Destiny, Shaun and Greg Evans parents.