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Sean Kanan Celebrates With Fans at Birthday Bash (PHOTOS)

AJ Quartermaine may be MIA on General Hospital, but that didn't stop Sean Kanan's fans from finding him at the Brokerage Comedy Club on November 2 to celebrate his birthday. Check out more photos of Kanan with fans and his birthday cake after the jump! READ MORE

General Hospital Tumor Humor (PHOTOS)

Franco (Roger Howarth) is free to roam Port Charles, thanks to legal eagle Diane Miller's (Carolyn Hennesy) "The Tumor Did It" defense. It was pointed out on the last podcast that I take things too seriously. So here's a little General Hospital Tumor Humor to help kick off the weekend. Enjoy! READ MORE

Who Killed Connie Falconeri on General Hospital? (POLL)

Connie Falconeri (Kelly Sullivan) may have had two personalities, but neither one of them was smart enough to beef up security at the Metro Court! The General Hospital fruit loop pissed off a lot of people, by splashing news that Kiki Jerome (Kirsten Alderson) wasn't really a Quartermaine all over her newspaper's front page. The big question is, who was mad enough at the former Kate Howard to rub her out?

Sonny (Maurice Benard) was fairly peeved with his Bensonhurst broad for breaking her promise to keep the paternity of Morgan's (Bryan Craig) lady love a secret. However, since the Dimpled Don was the one who discovered Connie bleeding from her gut, that rules him out.

What about Morgan? Connie almost ruined his plan to marry the girl his big brother Michael (Chad Duell) is also jonesing for. Okay, he's probably a long shot, considering Kiki decided to go ahead and jump the broom with him.

The obvious suspect is A.J. Quartermaine (Sean Kanan). Not only did Connie's revelation cost him ELQ, but she also scrawled the letters "A J" in her own blood. Plus, Junior is back on the sauce again.

Alan Junior isn't the only name with the initials "A.J." in Port Chuck. What if Connie was trying to finger Ava Jerome (Maura West)? The mad, lady mobster, with a penchant for lying about birth certificates, already busted a cap in one Falconeri cousin. Why not make it two for two?

Ava's big brother, Julian (William deVry), has to be annoyed his pesky employee overheard him using his real name. Did "Derek Wells" do the dirty deed?

Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) may seemingly have no connection to the croaked Crimson queen, but whenever that woman is in town, the Grim Reaper isn't far behind. Then there's Monica (Leslie Charleson). I know, I know. The horny heart surgeon is a lover, not a murderess, but what if she decided to avenge her son?

Monica went to great lengths to fake A.J.'s death, hoping he'd one day get a chance to redeem his less-than-charmed life. Seeing him lose all of that could drive a mama to kill.

Who do you think killed Connie on GH?

Red-Hot Revelations Rock General Hospital! (PROMO)

Can Port Charles survive all of the bombshells exploding in town this week on General Hospital? Kiki’s (Kristen Alderson) paternity makes front page headlines, as Michael (Chad Duell) rushes to stop her wedding to his brother, Morgan (Bryan Craig).

AJ (Sean Kanan) loses it when Connie’s (Kelly Sullivan) news story pulls the rug out from under him at ELQ, which of course gives Sonny (Maurice Benard) the opportunity to whip out his gun.

Watch this week’s General Hospital promo after the jump! READ MORE

General Hospital’s Sean Kanan Isn’t Blue About Being With Smurfette (PHOTOS)

General Hospital’s Sean Kanan and former The Young and the Restless star Vivica A. Fox were among the stars who turned out for The Smurfs 2 premiere on August 1. Check out more photos after the jump!


Tracy vs. AJ: Who Will Come Out on Top on General Hospital? (POLL)

From the moment it was revealed the Grim Reaper hadn't actually taken AJ Quartermaine (Sean Kanan) over to the other side, the spiky-haired trustafarian has been battling his Aunt Tracy (Jane Elliot) for control of the family business. Recently on General Hospital, AJ managed to shoot down Tracy's attempt to vote him out as CEO of ELQ—with the help of the family maid—but just how long can he keep his scheming relation at bay?

It's no secret the lengths Tracy will go for money and power. She once withheld her father's heart medication to get back in the will! That being said, AJ is no slouch when it comes to being ruthless. Dude actually shot his daddy!

When it's all said and done, who will come out on top at ELQ?


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