Sean Kanan

Carly and Connie Stir up Trouble With AJ on General Hospital

Reeling from Todd (Roger Howarth) and Johnny’s (Brandon Barash) revelations, Carly (Laura Wright) decides to cause a bit of trouble by mixing things up with AJ (Sean Kanan). However, she isn’t the only one. Connie (Kelly Sullivan) also pulls AJ into one of her schemes to mess with Sonny (Maurice Benard).

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DC's Top 10 Male Entertainers of 2012

No. 10: Don Diamont, The Bold and the Beautiful

It takes panache to play a royal douchebag A-hole like The Bold and the Beautiful’s Bill "Dollar Bill" Spencer. Good thing The Young and the Restless refugee Don Diamont has panache for days!

Diamont's ever-present charisma—generally exhibited via a poop-eating-grin— turned what could have been unforgiveable instances for his character (Scheming against Hope and Liam; kissing his postpartum depression-suffering wife's big sister), into opportunities to shine in 2012. No longer does this actor deserve to be called "just another pretty boy" like he was during his early years on Y&R. Sure, the Stallion is still hella pretty, but he can also act.



Who Should Run ELQ on General Hospital?

Beloved patriarch Edward Quartermaine (the late John Ingle) has joined Lila (the late Anna Lee) in Soap Heaven on General Hospital. Now the question remains, who will lead the Quartermaine family into the next generation?

Daughter Tracy (Jane Elliot) seems a likely choice. She's certainly as ruthless as her late father. For years, Tracy's son Ned (Wally Kurth) served as the gatekeeper for both the Q family, and their Fortune 100 corporation ELQ. Perhaps ol' Eddie Maine will give up his Rock & Roll ways to stick around and head ELQ yet again?

Back from the dead grandson AJ (Sean Kanan) may not have as successful a business track record as Tracy or Ned, but he's just as ambitious. Plus, we're sure Monica (Leslie Charleson) would vote her shares in favor of her son.

Edward always had an affinity for scheming, self-preserving Skye (Robin Christopher). Might he put everything in the hands of his adopted granddaughter?

Although he only learned Baby Danny was his biological great-grandson on his deathbed, would Edward have provided provisions for Jason's (Steve Burton) heir in this will? Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) ending up with control of a block of ELQ stock would likely cause her in-laws more than enough reason to bicker in Monica's living room!

Then there's Michael (Chad Duell), AJ's son, who is gingerly making steps back into the Q fold, after growing up a Corinthos. Maybe Grandfather wanted to infuse ELQ with some younger blood?

Considering Edward's potential last requests for his empire might prove for naught, as unhinged ex-wife Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) tampered with his will. Could cuckoo Heather walk away with control of the family business? You tell us:

Who Should Run ELQ?

It Wasn’t Carly’s Imagination, AJ is Alive and Kicking on General Hospital

General Hospital has been rolling out steady stream of returns for popular characters, and it isn’t letting up. This week, Kimberly McCullough pops back up on our screens, as Robin fights for her freedom.

Meanwhile, Sonny (Maurice Benard) may have thought Carly (Laura Wright) was just imagining AJ’s (Sean Kanan) return, but when she arrives at the Quartermaines she discovers it wasn’t a dream.

While I’m on the topic of returns, can I just say how great it was to see Alan (Stuart Damon) this week?

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Wishful Storytelling Poll: Which Port Charles Lady Should AJ Quartermaine Bed First on General Hospital?

The bad seed of the Quartermaine clan has returned! Now that AJ (Sean Kanan) is back in Port Chuck, who should he bang first? There's his baby mama Carly Corinthos Jacks. Something tells me Kanan and Laura Wright will cause my TV to explode the first time they share a scene.

AJ never got a chance to be a father to Michael (Chad Duell), so maybe he bonds with single mom Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst)? On the flip slide, there's Liz's rival and Jason's (Steve Burton) "widow" Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). What better way to pay back his father's bastard son for taking everything from him, than to coozy up to the mother of Jason's newfound son?

AJ already married Sonny's (Maurice Benard) kid sister Courtney (Alicia Leigh Willis) to stick it to the Dimpled Don; maybe this time around he'll go after the coffee importer's daughter Kristina (Lindsey Morgan)?

Or maybe AJ wants an uncomplicated pairing that has nothing to do with old grudges and bitter rivalries? I wouldn't mind seeing him put Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) through some Fifty Shades-style paces.

Wishful Storytelling: AJ uses his Q trust to finance Maxie's online fashion magazine and e-Commerce site,  Before you can say "Holy Cow!", Maxie has him bent over a desk at the ELQ offices, spanking him with a riding crop as a stunned Tracy (Jane Elliot) walks in!

"Luke bought that for my PONY?!" Tracy shrieks.

Which Port Charles lady do you want to see AJ with?

First Impressions: Sean Kanan Returns as AJ Quartermaine on General Hospital

What are your First Impressions of Sean Kanan's return to General Hospital as AJ Quartermaine?