Shelley Hennig

Caption This: Karate Chop Kiriakis

Take your best shot at this picture from today's episode of Days of Our Lives and Karate Chop Philip Kiriakis (Jay Kenneth Johnson). More pictures from today's episode and Stephanie's rescue after the jump. READ MORE

DAYS Video Preview

Next week on Days of Our Lives (May 25-29) Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) goes to drastic measures to rescue Stephanie (Shelley Hennig).  All I can say is these morgue scenes creep me out!!

Do you want Stephanie rescued yet?

Caption This: Stephanie Six Feet Under, Almost

Take your best Caption This shot from today's episode of Days of Our Lives.

DAYS Video Preview

Coming up on Days of Our Lives (May 11 - 15)... retaliation!  Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) lords it over an unconscious, kidnapped Stefano (Joseph Mascolo), but is he keeping a close enough eye on his sweetheart Stephanie (Shelley Hennig)? Revealing his face entirely for the first time, DiMera-goon-disguised-as-Kiriakis-gardener-Owen (Wes Ramsay) kidnaps Stephanie and shuts her in the morgue!

Are you enjoying Philip and Stephanie as a couple?

DAYS Video Preview

On this week's NBC Days Video Preview... Two houses, each alike in dignity... No, it's not exactly Romeo and Juliet but in this promo, Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) has been shot and the automatic suspects are the DiMera's.  It's time for a Kiriakis/DiMera showdown!

Who would you rather see triumph?

Jay Kenneth Johnson: "If We Get Naked In A Bathtub, Do You Think That Will Get More Viewers?"

Jay Kenneth Johnson, Shelley Hennig and Molly Burnett did a "sexy photo shoot" for Days of Our Lives and ET Online has the behind the scenes video clip. The three talk about their love triangle, how they stay fit and Jay Kenneth Johnson asks "If we get naked in a bathtub, do you think that will get more viewers?"

Do you think getting naked in a bathtub will boost ratings for Days of Our Lives?