Sherri Shepherd

Joy and Elisabeth Duke It Out Over Sarah Palin

Today it was almost as if The View took a step back in time. Controversial film maker John Siegler had Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck duking it out over the November presidential election and Sarah Palin, while Whoopi, Barbara and Sherri tried to get a word in edge wise. Siegler dropped by The View to promote his new documentary Media Malpractice. For those who have missed the pre election sparring, the second clip you'll particularly enjoy.   READ MORE

Gov. Blagojevich Gets Grilled on The View

Illinois Governor Gov. Rod Blagojevich made a pit stop by The View today and had a one on one interview with the show's executive producer and host, Barbara Walters. He spoke with Walters, who was in Los Angeles, via satellite. Later, he went up against the rest of the hosts. READ MORE

Segment That Sparked the Showdown With Coulter

Fast-forward up to the 4:52 mark and see what set off The View, ladies today when speaking with conservative pundit Ann Coulter. I get what Ann's trying to say in regards to biracial children, it seems as though your favoring one side of your heritage for another. It comes off as a person just disregarding an entire side of themselves. Tell me this though, when did Ann become the spokesperson for the biracial masses? I didn't know she was on Halle's payroll along with Alicia and Pres-elect Obama's. Is she passing? If so that debunks her entire debate now doesn't it? Gotta love Whoopi's remark though at the 7:00 mark..

Ann Coulter Gets Served By "The View" Ladies

We all know Ann Coulter's routine is to stir up controversy in order to sell books. Everyone knows bad publicity is good publicity, if someone's talking about you then you must be doing something right. Ann did that and got more than what she bargained for today when, she made her rounds to promote her book and stopped by The View.  Watch the clip as those ladies of The View all come together and just check's Ms. Coulter on her latest firestorm she's created. I love how Sherri goes out swinging for her Babs and Whoopi... Well ya'll know Ms. G don't play that!

Whoopi Blasts Bosses For Ditching "Stone" and "Money"

Seems like we're not the only ones pissed at ABC for letting some great shows bite the dust. Today on The View, co-host Whoopi Goldberg decided to let her employers at ABC know how she feels on their decision to cancel Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money. At the 6:00 minute mark until the end, Ms. Goldberg comes out swinging on ABC and isn't afraid to do so! Love Joy's comments about the entire thing.

Anyone else find it refreshing that a star at major network decided to call out their bosses for some of the stupid mistakes their making regardless of any consequences they may face? Maybe this will become a new trend for television actors to put their executive bosses on full blast. Here's hoping the brass over at ABC decide to halt cancelling DSM and ES!

Rickles Disses Star Jones, Babs Tries to Smooth Things

If you thought funnyman Don Rickles's zinger to The View's Elisabeth Hasslebeck was harsh try again! The comic made a pitstop by the ABC talk show to pimp er promote his book, The Rickles Letters, which is based on things he'd like to say to his friends and other celebs.

Pay attention to the 1:55-2:37 mark of the clip where Don and Joy banter. He pretty much threw fish grease on  Star Jones and nemisis er former boss Barbara Walters tries to play peace maker. Its official, Don's the man because he just put out the dirty laundry of that show without batting a eye! READ MORE