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Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd Smartest in TV?

Entertainment Weekly has named Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd among the Top 25 Smartest People in TV saying that the ladies at The View "put the shrew in shrewd this election year, juicing ratings by pumping up their political banter."

EW's Top 25 Smartest People in TV also includes other such notables as Tyra Banks, Marc Cherry of Desperate Housewives, JJ Abrams of LOST and Fringe, Josh Schwartz of Gossip Girl and Chuck and Tyler Perry.

Barbara Walters "Resents" Ex Co-Hosts Dumping on The View

Barbara Walters came out swinging in her oh-so-polite away saying that she "resents" a couple ex co-hosts dumping on The View for their own publicity.

Translation: The political season is over, what better way to keep ratings at all time highs than to take on the big R and big S again?

SSW: Sherri Shepherd Grabbed Jason Thompson's Butt, Twice

Sherri Shepherd
was at Super Soap Weekend and has some behind the scenes looks your favorite ABC stars including Susan Lucci, Erika Slezak, the hot hunks of ABC daytime and tells how she grabbed Jason Thompson's butt twice.

Note: If this clip does not appear in Internet Explorer view in Firefox.

Michael Easton's "View" To Shine

One Life to Live star, Michael Easton will make his chat fest debut with the ladies of The View tomorrow. This should be an interesting show since the actor could be put in the hot seat about his character John McBain being part of the highly controversial Todd (Trevor St. John) and Marty (Susan Haskell) romance storyline. The actor's take on the "Tarty" storyline, plus the possibilty we'll see if his Soul Stealer graphic novel character put the smackdown on Elisabeth Hasslebeck just might make this episode of The View truly Must See TV!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Responds to Obama Win

All eye and ears were tuned in on The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her reaction to Obama's election win. Needless to say, it may not be what some expect.

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Sherri Shepherd: "No Limitations"

Sherri Shepherd provided the most poignant post election moment on The View today. No limitations.