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Young and Restless Alum Stacy Haiduk Plays a Sexual Sadist on Tonight's CSI!


Former The Young and the Restless vixen Stacy Haiduk isn't letting any grass grow under her feet. Haiduk has landed a gig on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation playing Ginger Sinclair, a sexual sadist who winds up with a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card. CSI material and element analyst Sara Siddle (Jorja Fox) will be hellbent on correcting the justice system's mistake in letting Sinclair walk free.

Haiduk's episode is slated for tonight at 10 PM EST on CBS.

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Diva Smackdown: Stacy Haiduk vs. Maura West

When it comes to being in a scene, Maura West and Stacy Haiduk command attention without lifting a finger. The Young and the Restless' Maria Arena Bell missed a huge opportunity to showcase the acting chops of these two dynamite ladies and play up their character's huge rivalry and rich history (Jack was banging Diane in the shower on his wedding day to Patty Cakes!). With everything that is playing out onscreen–thanks to the devious Diane–it makes you wonder, who would win a battle between West's Diane and Haiduk's Patty if these two explosive actresses had gone head-to-head.

Who would win in a scene smackdown, Maura West as Diane or Stacy Haiduk as Patty?

DC EXCLUSIVE: Stacy Haiduk on DAYS Ousting: "No Hard Feelings"

Former The Young and the Restless breakout star, Stacy Haiduk spoke with Daytime Confidential on the heels of her Facebook announcement of being let go from Days of Our Lives. Haiduk reiterated her previous statement that a scheduling conflict arose with DAYS, due to  a guest spot she landed on FOX's midseason replacement Ride-Along.

"I have no hard feelings. It was their choice to let me go," says Haiduk. "I'm a bit disappointed but I can appreciate to some extent their position."

Even though Haiduk says she is spreading her wings to primetime, she doesn't rule out a return to daytime.

"I loved working on Y&R. I just got back from a fundraiser in Vancouver Canada for breast cancer. Kate [Linder], Michael [Muhney] and Christian [LeBlanc] were there, and they were all so loving and supportive. It made me really miss it, so I'd probably jump at the chance to go back."
Daytime Confidential is currently trying to reach representatives from DAYS for comment.

Oh Hell No! DAYS Axes Stacy Haiduk!

In another head-scratching move, former The Young and the Restless star Stacy "The Baddest" Haiduk has been fired from Days of Our Lives! She released a statement on Facebook saying,
For all you guys out there who were all set to watch me on DAYS I have some bad news. DAYS has dropped me. It all started when I booked a guest spot on a new show for FOX, RIDE-ALONG. The show will shoot in Chicago and I have to leave town for that. There was a conflict in scheduling so FOX pushed me to their second week. But when ONE day was still in conflict, instead of working things out, DAYS decided to drop me.

In the name of Betty and Ted Corday, what the hell is going on at DAYS?!

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DC #562: Stacy Haiduk Interview

On today’s episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Jamey and Jillian are joined by former The Young and the Restless breakout star-turned Days of our Lives newcomer Stacy Haiduk.

In the interview, Haiduk talks about being let go from Y&R, being snubbed by the Daytime Emmys, trying to balance Patty’s insanity and with her humanity, whether-or-not Tracey Bregman’s doppelganger storyline undermined the Patty and Emily story, sharing scenes with Peter Bergman and Doug Davidson and what it was like to work with that leading man of leading men, Mr. Kitty.

We then discuss how Days of our Lives managed to snap Haiduk up, her Salem role as the Warden and Jamey tries to find out if her character might end up being Kristen Blake DiMera as he Wishfully Cast.

All this and more in this must-hear episode of Daytime Confidential. READ MORE

DEUCES Y&R! Stacy Haiduk Heads To DAYS!

According to online reports former The Young and the Restless star Stacy "the baddest" Haiduk is heading to Days of Our Lives. The actress will reportedly play a prison warden and will make her DAYS debut in September.