Stacy Haiduk

What's New, Pussy Cat?: Y&R's Stacy Haiduk Talks About Her Kitty

I'm too sexy for my cat: Michael Fairman Soaps has a new interview up with Stacy Haiduk (Mary Jane/Patty, The Young and the Restless) where the purrrfectly delicious soap opera whackadoodle shares the origins of her stuffed pussy:

Michael Fairman: So she took Mr. Kitty to a taxidermist?

 Stacy Haiduk: Mary Jane hurt Mr. Kitty and killed Mr. Kitty.  She killed the bird and then went back and talked to Mr. Kitty and said, “You know I did this and it’s similar to what I did to you.  But you understand Kitty, right?”  I think what they are saying is when she does not get what she wants, the pain inside of her begins and the pot is boiling over, and she can’t hold it in anymore, and she does something like that.

Stacy Haiduk on Mary Jane: "There is Something Broken Deep Inside of Her"

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco interviewed The Young and the Restless actress Stacy Haiduk, asking her to sum up Mary Jane's psychology.

TVG: How would you sum up MJ’s psychology in a couple of sentences?
SH: I think there is something broken deep inside of her. The other day, someone on set told me MJ has an insatiable craving inside of her. And I like that description. I think she thinks Jack can fix what’s broken inside her. She’s madly in love with him — literally — but, ironically, she’s not a victim. Isn’t that funny?

Stacy Haiduk, Y&R's Lastest Superstar?

In this week's Nelson Ratings TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco discusses the knack The Young and the Restless has for taking All My Children actors and turning them into superstars.

Y&R has a knack for taking former AMC actors and turning them into superstars. As Mary Jane, Stacy Haiduk has proven herself to be one of the most skilled and crazy-talented actresses on soaps. M-J could have easily become a cartoonish character, but under the capable hands of the very beautiful and sexy Haiduk, Patty Williams could possibly become the most multi-dimensional, root-able psycho in Genoa City history. In fact, I rewind several of her scenes to dissect and bask in the glory of her brilliant, awe-inspiring acting choices. Her line delivery, diction, and unparalleled ability to convey subtext without a batting an eyelash is akin to watching a master class in acting. Her most astonishing accomplishment? Stealing scenes from the master, Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) — which is no easy feat.

Is Stacy Haiduk the latest All My Children actor turned The Young and the Restless superstar?