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Wishful (Stunt) Casting: Maury Povich as Himself on The Young and the Restless

Okay, so anyone who listened to those Top 10 Ways to Improve This Soap or That One episodes of the Daytime Confidential podcast knows how I feel about stunt casting. Generally, I hate the concept. Especially if a soap is already smelling up the joint like a backed up port-a-potty at the Four States Fair.

Who cares about seeing some Nascar driver or Donald Trump when the soaps that brings them on aren't using the vets we know and love and are telling recycled, tired stories? However, when a soap is firing on all cylinders, telling good, juicy, character-driven tales of love, lust, and, okay, the occasional chipmunk (nobody's perfect), that the majority of the fans are enjoying, then I don't mind them having a little fun with casting. That's why I think The Young and the Restless should bring on talk show host/baby daddy-figurer-outer Maury Povich for a dream sequence starring Sharon Newman Abbott (Sharon Case)! READ MORE

Victor's Mystery Woman has a Name!

It seems that Victor's (Eric Braeden) mystery woman who is reported to be rival Jack's (Peter Bergman) future love interest has a name.  As previously reported, Stacy Haiduk has landed the plum role and now Soap Opera Digest has stated that she will play Mary Jane a Jabot sales rep and viewers will see her face March 18. Now that we've gotten her name, it makes this blogger wonder if the fab four over at The Young and the Restless, are using that name as a smokescreen for Mari Jo Mason as our own Jamey Giddens stated before. READ MORE

All My Children: Lots to see, but not a whole heck of a lot to care about.

Recently there seems to be lots to see on AMC. Lots to see, but not a whole heck of a lot to care about. The “real” Greenlee is back, but at what expense? She seems like she no longer fits in with the characters there. Have I become so complacent with Sabine Singh’s portrayal of the character that the “real” just does not seem right? The real Greenlee just seems to be out of place, and from what I can see, has currently no chemistry with the characters she is interacting with. Very out of place with Zach, very uncomfortable. Will Rebecca Budig be able to reclaim the chemistry she once shared with these actors? I hope so. Especially with the money I am sure AMC shelled out to get her back.

AMC seems to be spending a lot of money on actors lately, not only has Rebecca Budig returned to the role she created, but this week we have Debi Morgan returning to her role as Dr. Angie Hubbard. As I am sure you all know by now, Jessie is not that far behind her in returning. This was AMC’s only black supercouple, and to be quite honest, they have never been able to capture the magic that Angie & Jessie once had. Another thing is this Jessie is back from the dead storyline I am sure they are going to put out there. Where has he been? Witness protection? Amnesia? Maybe DEAD? Hello People, he appeared as a spirit to usher Gillian into heaven, and again to Tad to help him out in his time of crisis. So, what are they going to tell us? That he was never dead, and he was a living, breathing person when he did those “Spiritly” things? I saw his death scene people, he DIED, DEAD, worm food. He was shot, and died. Makes it pretty final, doesn’t it? But then again, Babe never really died either. Who is next for the resurrection? Simone? Dixie? Ethan? Or maybe it will be Gillian herself?

While there seems to be resurrections on AMC, we also need to discuss what AMC is doing to make these returns a reality. They are doing that in the form of cutting actors and roles. Recently we have seen Hannah Nichols (Stacey Haiduk) plummet to her death over Millers falls, the same falls that Leo died at, by the way. Now there are reports that Brent Weber (Sean Montgomery) the over-sexed teen is on his way out, and a rumor, yes, currently it is just a rumor, that Jacob Young (JR Chandler) will be leaving shortly as well. There are also reports out there that Jeff Branson (Jonathan Lavery) is out, as well as Alec Musser (Del Henry). While I can see the reason to write Del out, to be quite honest, it was a mistake to even bring him back, but IWBASS promised him a role on AMC, I do not see the reasoning for removing the very talented, and easy on the eyes Jonathan Lavery. This Character had POTENTIAL! He was never taken care of or written for properly. Shame on you AMC – you wasted a marvelous talent with Jeff Branson.

After watching Monday’s episode, It is becoming Krystal Clear to me that maybe it is right to Keep Adam and Krystal apart. The only reason that they would get back together would be so that Tad can reunite with Kate, but then Jenny would not have her parents together, so yet again, sacrificing one child for another, an AMC trademark trait.

What did Adam actually expect to accomplish with this party he threw? A closer bond with his Daughter? NOPE. Getting Krystal back? NOPE. Pissing off the whole town? YUP!

It seems somewhat that we are heading in the direction of a Greenlee/Zach Pairing of some sort. I will admit, I am a Zendall fan, but after they very uncomfortably had Kendall and Aidan do the deed, I feel that Zendall is not long for this world. I do not see Greenlle together with Zach, at least not Rebecca Budig’s Greenlee. I could have, however, seen Sabine Singh’s Greenlee with Zach. They had chemistry, I do not know how to explain it, they just did. She also had chemistry with Aidan. I have not seen that chemistry with Rebecca, not yet at least.

All in all, with the return of the “real” Greenlee, and also Angie & Jessie, could this soap be finally be getting itself back together, and back on track to dominate daytime? While I am not going to hedge any bets, I am an eternal optimist, and always hope things can get better, but DAMN, this soap is testing even MY patience and resolve!!!


Who Else Could Be Out At All My Children?

According to a report, earlier this month by Soap Opera Digest, multiple actors are being trimmed from All My Children. All My Children has a very large cast so I think its safe to assume this is in part because of the notable returns of Rebecca Budig, Eden Riegel, Darnell Williams, and Debbi Morgan. So far we've seen Sabine Singh and Stacey Haiduk cut from the cast and it makes one wonder who could be next?

Who do you think could be next?