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Days of Our Lives: 80s Bloopers... Language Uncensored!

Thanks to forums poster Dr.EvansBlack for sharing this Days of our Lives blooper reel featuring many of our beloved Days favourites from the 80s. 

A word of warning... some of them use rather surprising (ie. colourful) language to express their frustration... with that said, enjoy!


So Many Questions. Does Anyone Have The Answers?

I hope ya’ll got some answers because let me tell you! Have I got some questions!!!

When did Epcot Ireland become 1982 Slums of Dublin Ireland?
 EpcotIreland.jpg picture by MollyPop771982Ireland.jpg picture by MollyPop77
When did Grandpa Shawn become a simpleton? He reminds me of Lennie from Of Mice And Men….

Why is John tasting his own tear?

Why are Phillip and Chloe in Ireland?

Why is this Chloe’s only expression? Isn’t she a little young for the botox?

Why are Sami and EJ still in vacation in the nearby and oh-so-safe mountains of Salem?

Why isn’t EJ a real person so he can do this and be the father of my children?

Why does Belle look like Chloe accused her of farting?

bellefart.jpg picture by MollyPop77

Why did I crack up laughing at Colleen and Santo meeting again in the afterlife?

Why is everyone so upset about Colleen dying? They only knew her for 12 hours and she stole Claire.

Why are they touching the ashes with their bare hands? That doesn’t look safe.

How does one get cremated overnight and have their ashes delivered the next day? Does Epcot Ireland have special services we don’t have anywhere else in the world?

Who decided a surprise party in a park in subzero weather would be a good idea? 

Why is this the funniest screencap ever?

Why does Kayla have the best hair ever in the history of Salem??

And finally, why can’t I stop watching this video I found on you tube???

(Thanks to ChitChatHaven and Days of our Lives 2 for the screencaps!)