Susan Flannery

Brooke Logan Reacts to The Logan Chronicles

The Bold and the Beautiful's Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) isn't taking Stephanie's (Susan Flannery) attacks on the Logan family lying on a bed in her panties. She's fighting back, with her own video blog. In it she claims "This is a Logan company, run by Logan women." Take that Stephanie Forrester! One question? What happened to Thorne and Felicia? Oh wait, they don't matter to the show do they?

Last Week's B&B: Baby, You Can Call Me Bill

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) blurted out that Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge (Ronn Moss) weren’t married – that was the “cliff-hanger” kicking off last week’s The Bold and the Beautiful. And guess what? She failed to reveal that the marriage was invalid. There’s a shocker, huh? Instead, Stephanie interrupted things and Ridge and Brooke remained clueless. Stephanie and Taylor then hung out and cackled like witches over their machinations to destroy Brooke and Ridge’s marriage. Their plan? To wait until the cracks begin to show and then make the announcement. Cunning. Ridge is such a self-important fool he’ll probably go for whichever woman is stroking his ego the most at the time. Score one for the corpse bride. READ MORE

Bold and the Beautiful's Susan Flannery Reacts To Emmy Nom

You have to love how much of a class act The Bold and the Beautiful star, Susan Flannery (Stephanie) is when she speaks about the Daytime Enemas er Emmys. Flannery discusses her reaction to her nomination as well as dishes on what reels she submitted. At the 0:55 to 1:10 mark, the interviewer asks Susan about her reaction to why co-star and onscreen nemesis Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) was snubbed yet again after having some stellar work last year. READ MORE

Will Undeserved Emmy Nods Get Bold and Beautiful Get Back to Basics?

Michael Fairman
spoke with Brad Bell on the heels of The Bold and the Beautiful being nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award for Best Drama Series and Best Writing Team. The writer revealed his feelings over sister soap The Young and Restless being snubbed, and previewed storylines for Don Diamont's Bill Spencer and Rick Hearst's Whip Jones, the latter of whom, yours truly broke the news that he was returning to B&B.

MICHAEL FAIRMAN: Were you shocked there were only three nominees in the category?


BRAD BELL: Totally shocked! Maria Arena Bell (head writer and co-executive producer, “Y&R”) sent me a nice email already. It is a shock because “Y&R”, in the ratings, is by far and above the top show. It’s a brilliant show and deserves to be nominated. So, it’s hard to understand. But, it’s great to be nominated and it’s great that a show from each network is represented in the finals, and it’s great for all the networks." READ MORE

B&B Bloopers: Bumper Edition

A bumper edition of bloopers from The Bold and the Beautiful. Way more entertaining than Rick and Steffy.   

Joanna Johnson's Return to B&B

Check out this backstage interview with The Bold and the Beautiful's Joanna Johnson (Karen Spencer; ex-Caroline Spencer) ahead of her two-day return, airing tomorrow and Wednesday. B&B's grande dame Susan Flannery also weighs in with her thoughts on having Johnson back on set. 

Although Johnson's current B&B stint will be short, Brad Bell is rumored to be trying to get her onboard for further episodes over summer.