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The Bold and the Beautiful Bids Stephanie a Tearful Goodbye

The exit storyline for Susan Flannery’s Stephanie Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful has provided many wonderful flashbacks and more than a few tears. Well you might want to get another box of Kleenex, because this week everyone Stephanie loves gathers to say farewell. Watch The Bold and the Beautiful promo after the jump!


Bold and Beautiful's John McCook Reveals What's Next For Eric After Stephanie Dies

As the Forrester clan rallies around dying matriarch Stephanie (Susan Flannery), many fans are wondering what will become of her husband and business partner Eric (John McCook). TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan spoke with McCook to get the details.

TV Guide Magazine: This is just as much Eric's story as it is Stephanie's, don't you think?

McCook: It is! When I first heard Susan was retiring [from the role], I went to [exec producer] Brad Bell and said, "What will we do? How do we handle this? What's going to happen to me?" [Laughs] Because, as an actor, it's all about me, of course! But Brad is using this great loss to refocus B&B in a new, really exciting direction. Of course, right now everyone is watching how Stephanie deals with this as the days tick down but in time it very much becomes Eric's story and I'm really excited to have it. This is a huge change for our show and for me, personally. Eric has kind of been in Stephanie's shadow in recent years, even in business. [Laughs] Even in mourning! She won't even let him grieve the way he wants to grieve. She's running everything from the catbird seat, telling everyone how to be sad! But, yeah, Eric will be getting his power back.

Stephanie Forrester's 10 Greatest Bold and Beautiful Rivals

As The Bold and the Beautiful fans prepare to say farewell to couture queen Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery), let's take a look back at the battle axe's greatest rivalries, and no, not all of them are Logans!

Stephanie Will Live on in Eric’s Heart on The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) frantically left a message for Katie (Heather Tom) to come back to her family. I doubt it’s anything, but I keep getting the vibe of an impending Katie/Bill/Brooke triangle. We know Bill (Don Diamont) has fantasized about Brooke in the past, but if The Bold and the Beautiful were to pursue such I triangle I’m not sure what I would think.


Celtic Woman to Perform at Stephanie Forrester's Bold and Beautiful Farewell Party

In celebration of Stephanie's (Susan Flannery) trip down the Big Catwalk in the Sky, The Bold and The Beautiful will host a huge party featuring the female band Celtic Woman. On Nov. 12 and 13, the group will be showcased throughout the party to pay homage to Stephanie's Irish roots. In a released statement, head writer and executive producer Brad Bell said:

I can't think of a more beautiful way to pay tribute to the character of Stephanie Forrester and her Irish heritage than to bring in Celtic Woman to serenade her. Their distinctive voice and angelic melodies were the perfect accompaniment to this powerful and emotional storyline. READ MORE

Stephanie and Thorne Reminisce on The Bold and the Beautiful

Stephanie (Susan Flannery) continued to reveal the truth about her cancer’s return to her loved ones. Stephanie gave Thorne (Winsor Harmon) a touching letter containing her news. She also brought mementos from his childhood and his time at Forrester. I teared up when Stephanie told Thorne how proud she was of the man he’d become.

The flashbacks scenes of Stephanie, Thorne, Brooke and Darla (Schae Harrison) were oh so enjoyable. The Bold and the Beautiful promised to honor Stephanie and the volume of classic scenes is certainly doing her justice. READ MORE