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Bold and Beautiful's Alley Mills Reveals More Deets on Stephanie vs. Pam!


Soap fans and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) all know, hell hath no fury like Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) scorned. What happenes when the eldest Douglas daughter finds out her own baby sister Pam (Alley Mills) was behind the design theft at Forrester Creations? The Bold and the Beautiful's Mills gives TV Guide's Michael Logan the dirt.

TV Guide Magazine: What's going to happen to poor, pathetic Pam once she gets busted?

Mills: This could take her to a very dark place. It never occurred to her that she'd get caught. She doesn't have anybody left in her life. No friends. No men. This is bad. The shocking thing is that Stephanie doesn't blow when she finds out Pam's the thief. She's disappointed and really hurt, and for someone as fragile as Pam that's devastating. [Laughs] At least Stephanie doesn't throw Pam off a balcony. She's been known to handle problems that way!


Brad Bell Dishes What Brings Rick Back to Town on Bold and Beautiful

What exactly will Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) be doing now that he's returned home? The Bold and the Beautiful's Bradley Bell gives the 411 to TV Guide's  Michael Logan.

Rick will eventually team with brother Thorne (Winsor Harmon) in a vicious battle with Ridge (Ronn Moss) over control of Forrester Creations. And that'll force Rick's mom and Ridge's lady love, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), to choose sides. Says Bell: "Ridge will become more drunk with power and driven by ego and that really pisses off Rick."

Let the games begin! To find out if Rick will mix things up with ex-wife Amber (Adrienne Frantz) and what potentially Emmy worthy storyline Susan Flannery has coming next click here!

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Bold and Beautiful's Adam Gregory Reveals Why Thomas Went Along With "Manipulative" Grandma Stephanie

What is it about the Forrester men and their inability to resist Stephanie's (Susan Flannery) manipulations on The Bold and the Beautiful? Each generation of the male Forresters some how fall into the matriarch's web of deceit — not to mention Brooke Logan's (Katherine Kelly Lang) bed. Well, almost in Thomas' (Adam Gregory) case! 

I caught up with the gorgeous Gregory at the Daytime Emmys to get his thoughts on why his character went along with La Forrester's latest treachery.

"You try not doing something Stephanie's telling you to do!," he said with a laugh. "She can be a very convincing, very manipulative woman, she has been for many years." READ MORE

The Bold and the Beautiful Celebrates Daytime Emmy Nominations

The Bold and the Beautiful celebrated its recent Daytime Emmy Nominations with acting nominees Susan Flannery, Heather Tom and Scott Clifton (pictured above with Brad Bell and Lee Phillip Bell) on Stage 31 at CBS Television Studio on May 17. The B&B cast mingled with one another during the occasion and even a couple The Young and the Restless stars popped in. See more photos after the jump! READ MORE

B&B's Brad Bell: "Sometimes When You Play With Fire, You Get Burned"

Aww sookie, sookie now! The Bold and the Beautiful's head writer/showrunner Brad Bell spilled the tea to TV Guide's  Michael Logan about Thomas' (Adam Gregory) attempts at pursuing Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and if it will make a comeback.

We are not backing off from the possibility of a Thomas-Brooke romance. This is a slow burn and we will continue to walk the tightrope with those two. Will we go there? Will it happen? We're going to be flirting with that for awhile. Sometimes when you play with fire you get burned.

Uh oh...  Seems like Thomas will get burned according to Logan, Ridge (Ronn Moss) discovers his son stole a kiss from his wife! The chiseled one won't take this lying down. March 7 is must see for B&B!

To find out what Bell has to say about Thomas being gay, click here! READ MORE

B&B's Susan Flannery: "Bill Knew Brad Had The Right Stuff Before He Died"

He Got It From His Daddy. The amazing Susan Flannery (Stephanie, The Bold and the Beautiful) gave a touching interview to TV Guide's Michael Logan about the best storyline daytime has done in years —Stephanie's battle with lung cancer. My fave part of the chat was when La Flannery mentioned how proud the late Bill Bell would be of his son Brad Bell for winning back-to-back Daytime Emmys.

TV Guide Magazine: Indeed! Don't you think Brad's late dad, [Y&R and B&B creator] Bill Bell would be bursting buttons over his kid?

Flannery: Yes, but I think Bill knew Brad had the right stuff before he died, even in those last stages before he totally slipped away from us. He was very aware of Brad's gifts and very proud of him! And I know how much finally winning that writing Emmy last year meant to Brad. He so deserved it. This is one of the best working experiences a lot of us on the show have ever had. His writing has pulled us all together as a company. We are totally juiced! READ MORE