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Lucinda, Dani & Luke

While The Young and the Restless and One Life to Live are the two must see soaps on daytime right now, our schizophrenic As the World Turns is firing on most of the right cylinders and can't be counted out of the fight. The last time I posted about ATWT, I had a great many concerns about the direction of the show and it's storylines given the supersonic speed by which they are told. In the last week however, the show has made me sit up and take notice with some interesting developments. READ MORE

Caption This: Marty Saybrooke Has a Gun and She's Pissed!

Susan Haskell has been "shooting" it out of the park the last couple of days. Take your best shot at this Caption This. I say One Life to Live is arming itself to do battle with General Hospital for title of the show the best Annie Oakley impression.

You Have Changed Me

"You have changed me."

Those desperately uttered words have perfectly and succinctly summed up the sick, twisted and ultimately riveting story line of Todd and Marty on One Life to Live.

I use the word "riveting" in its purest sense: not to imply something that is entertaining or enjoyable for entertainment's sake alone, but rather as a thing that keeps our attention for better or worse, against whatever other instincts that might ask us to look away. In other words, this story line of compounded lies and grand delusion has kept many of us as glued to the screen as a car accident might induce a chronic case of rubbernecking or a nasty lover's quarrel in a supermarket might cause us to turn and watch. Yes, this is the story we thought "they" would never tell, but there is a question lurking just beneath the surface reactions for those fans titillated by the prospect of the loathsomely nicknamed "Tarty" and those other fans filled with disgust and anger:

Exactly whose story has been told? READ MORE

Bravo Susan Haskell & Trevor St. John!

I would like to take a moment to recognize Susan Haskell and Trevor St. John's amazing performance today. For the first time since her arrival, I now understand why Susan Haskell's return was looked forward to by so many. Her portrayal of an emotionally betrayed, unstable Marty holding a gun on Todd was gripping. At the same time, Trevor St. John did an outstanding job conveying the rationalization of Todd trying to make the right decision after realizing he had done wrong.

It should be noted that my applause of these individual performances do not negate my overall disdain for this truly awful rapemance storyline. At this point, it is what it is. Hopefully, One Life to Live can salvage something out of this hurricane-like disaster.

My suggestion, don't give Marty her memory back all at once. Let Marty continue to have the occasional flash of memory, but require her to question everything and everyone. Haskell's performance today as an innocent who has had the wool pulled away from her eyes, yet not knowing what or who to believe proves there is merit in dragging out Marty's total recall. 

The Romance You Never Thought Would Happen

The story you never thought would happen, or wished would never happened, actually went down today flush with flashbacks of Todd (Trevor St. John) and Marty's (Susan Haskell)  first time. Check them out at your own risk after the jump. READ MORE

"Breathless" One Life to Live Promo

I'm sorry, I don't care how "breathless" next week's One Life to Live is supposed to leave us, but the Todd (Trevor St. John) and Marty (Susan Haskell) scenes are just disturbing. I'll be fast forwarding through them. With any luck they'll have Marty create "the mood" by playing "Did I Shave My Legs For This?" in the background.