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Thorsten Kaye at "One Life to Live" Emmy Table

The 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Behind-The-Scenes Preview
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Check out the One Life to Live table at tonight's Emmy Awards. Did anyone else notice that All My Children's Thorsten Kaye is sitting at the One Life to Live table with Susan Haskell and not vice versa? Interesting, very interesting. 

One Life to Live: Susan Haskell Interview

Entertainment Weekly recently conducted an interview with One Life to Lives’ Susan Haskell (Marty). In the interview, Susan speaks about her reasons for returning to the soap, what it felt like to be Marty Saybrooke again, and how long her stay in Llanview will be. Here is an excerpt of that very question, but don't forget to read the entire interview. 

EW: Is this an open ended return?
I have a certain time that we’ve agreed to, but it’s still a little flexible in the end. As far as story line, though, I really don’t know. I just know what it was coming back for and that was kind of interesting to me. The whole amnesia thing is kind of fun. I asked Frank when he was going to send me information on what Marty had been up to and he said, ''Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. She doesn’t remember.’' Okay! Great! You don’t even know how much help that was for me.

One Life to Live: Happy Birthday Susan Haskell

Says ABC. COM: Susan Haskell is coming back to One Life to Live;  "Yes, THE Marty Saybrooke: Cole's mother. The woman Todd raped in college. The person that finally started to get John to smile. And the one that went over a cliff in a van, which blew up and seemingly killed her.

Only she's not dead. So what's going on? Is this somehow connected to Tina's return? The arrival of Kevin Spirtas' character? We can tell you that Marty's return—scheduled for early June—is going to be an important piece of a larger, very exciting story that's going to help OLTL celebrate it's 40th year in a big way!

Susan played Marty from 1993 to 1997. She won a Daytime Emmy for the role in 1994. The character of Marty returned to the canvas in 2006, played by Christina Chambers, but the actress exited last year with Marty's apparent death."

In one of those terrific real life coincidences turns out she is scheduled to return on Wednesday June 11 2008 just one day after the actress celebrates her birthday. We wish many happy returns of the anniversary of your birth, and hope that having the original Marty back (I'm so glad they didn't disrespect christina chambers by saying "the REAL Marty"!) is as much fun and excitement as the rest of this soap is turning out to be!

One Life to Live: Is The "Original" Description Better Than "Real"??

It looks like ABC feels that they have improved on the "Real" debacle.  But have they really? Is "Original" any better? Why are these promos designed this way? I don't think they really are going to make anyone watch more. Watch the promo and tell us what you think!

One Life To Live: Susan Haskell Returns, Is Thorsten Kaye Far Behind?

It's official folks. Susan Haskell's reporting on her website that she is set to return to One Life to Live as the original, if not-so crispy Marty Saybrooke. I wasn't watching when Haskell originated the role, but I am familiar with her Marty's highlights (the gang rape, the popular romance with Thorsten Kaye's Patrick) and couldn't be happier to see her return to the soap, hopefully just in time to help her son Cole battle their mutual enemy and Dad of the Decade nominee Todd Manning. I'm sure this little turn of events will fire up already simmering rumors of Kaye departing his All My Children gig as Zach Slater to reunite with his onscreen and off screen wife back in Llanview. Thanks Loop for the tip!

Daytime Confidential #230: ABC Bitchy Bangs

On today's ABC edition of Daytime Confidential Belinda, Tina and Luke discuss One Life to Live's "bitchy bangs," Luke and Tina's funniest Llanview moment of the week. Susan Haskell's possible return to her old stomping grounds and what might this mean for Michael Easton's John McBaine?

Where in the hell is Edward Quartermaine? Why isn't he there for his great grandson Michael? What on General Hospital turned Tina off? The Haunted Star reopens yet again. What about a Lulu/Johnny/Maxie triangle?

Ambyr Childrens leaves All My Children as Colby Chandler. Jake is being held hostage by militants. Where is Jamie and why doesn't the Martin family know that Jake is being held hostage?

We also choose who our Performer of the Week from the three ABC soaps is.

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