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Why Prospect Park Should Make Susan Lucci an Executive Producer on New All My Children to Get Her to Sign On

Will Susan Lucci actually make the digital leap with All My Children to the web? That definitely seems to be the million dollar question. While reports have surfaced that Lucci is planning to make the move online with the series, her rep tells ABC Soaps In Depth, Lucci "hasn't made any plans."

This is where it's time for Prospect Park to take a page from primetime and film and cut the project's biggest star in on the proceeds in order to entice her onboard. Susan Lucci and Erica Kane are just as essential to All My Children as Sarah Jessica Parker and Carrie Bradshaw were to Sex and the City. I say make Lucci a deal to be co-executive producer right alongside Julie Hanan Caruthers, and give her a stake in the series' profits, much like Darren Starr did with Parker and the SATC franchise. Lord knows Lucci's earned it. Who, other than Agnes Nixon, knows Pine Valley's lore better than La Lucci?  READ MORE

All My Children Webisoap to Debut Sept. 26; Susan Lucci Reportedly Staying!

Prospect Park is wasting no time in transitioning All My Children to the web. TV Guide's Michael Logan is reporting the sudser's online version is set to debut September 26, and that Susan Lucci will likely continue on as the iconic Erica Kane!

Word is, the production company intends to waste no time — or lose any momentum — and will launch the reimagined AMC on Monday, September 26, just three days after the soap ends its network run. There's also highly reliable buzz — unconfirmed by Prospect Park — that Susan Lucci has agreed to move on with the show, though to what extent she'll participate or for how long isn't clear. Most (if not all) of the soap's other top stars have yet to enter negotiations. READ MORE

Dear Susan Lucci, My Only Agenda Is Saving Soaps

Daytime superstar Susan Lucci visited The Talk on Thursday and got fans buzzing about the possibility of All My Children continuing on another network. Before that, she mentioned not believing the AMC cancellation rumors initially because they came from a blogger, who she thought had a "negative agenda." As the blogger most likely in question, Ms. Lucci I must respectfully say, my only agenda has always been helping to save the soaps. READ MORE

Susan Lucci Goes IN on Brian Frons For "Throwing Agnes Nixon to the Wolves"; Hiring Chuck Pratt

Effin' A! All My Children leading lady Susan Lucci is finally spilling the T-E-A about how and why her iconic soap was destroyed. Lucci reveals to TV Guide Canada  how she really feels about having her soap hub ripped out from under her. Here's what she said about Chuck Pratt—a long time friend of ABC Daytime Chief Brian Frons—whom most critics and fans feel put the final nail in the soap's coffin:

“Because I have thought about this very question for quite some time. My feelings are that Brian Frons was handed a very healthy daytime line-up when he arrived and then he hired Chuck Pratt to be head writer. Chuck said to all of us in a big team meeting that he didn’t care about characters. He said, ‘I will not be writing character-driven storylines. I don’t care.’ In individual meetings with him, people would come out weeping and distressed because he would [dismiss their characters and histories]. Almost immediately, our ratings dropped. As actors, we did everything we could to save and respect our characters and their histories; although on paper nothing was there for us to work with. The producers listened to the fans in the focus groups, and fans are sophisticated because of columns like yours and talk shows and so on, and they knew the writing was the problem. Chuck Pratt taking AMC down didn’t happen over night. And he was allowed to stay for two years. And unless it was Agnes or Lorraine, no one could dig us out of this hole.” READ MORE

Susan Lucci Reveals Thoughts On AMC's Cancellation And Reality Shows

The face of ABC Daytime Susan Lucci is still a bit peeved about All My Children getting the boot. La Lucci swung by The Joy Behar Show last week to discuss her book, All My Life. Behar asked Lucci how she felt regarding AMC and One Life To Live's cancellations and the reality shows replacing them. Watch Lucci after the jump! READ MORE

Ratings, Rants and Raves: All Soaps Fall; The Stories All My Children Could Have Told For Erica Kane

The week of May 2-6, 2011 was pretty sucky across the board for daytime soaps ratings-wise. (Source: Soap Opera Network). All six soaps fell among total viewers, with CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless dipping the most, losing a whopping 272,000 viewers. Y&R went down one-tenth of a point in households and among women 18-34, but held steady among women 18-49.

Y&R basically told two stories they've told over and over again the week in question—Crazy Jana (Emily O'Brien) terrorizing Kevin (Greg Rikaart) and the Winters brothers being in a secret paternity pickle over the same girl. I am enjoying the battle for Baby Lucy, as well as Smilin' Jack (Peter Bergman) getting his hands on a block of Newman stock, however so I won't be too hard on Y&R this time around. READ MORE