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Susan Lucci: All My Life

TV Guide 's Michael Logan sat down with the incomparable Susan Lucci to dish on her memoir, All My Life out on bookshelves March 29. The book delves into Lucci's many Daytime Emmy nominations, the abortion storyline happening while Lucci was dealing with her own personal tragedy, among other topics. Also, it wouldn't be a Logan chat without some talk about Erica Kane's current story on All My Children.

TV Guide Magazine: What the heck is Erica thinking? Does she really believe rushing into marriage under these circumstances is a wise idea?

Lucci: This could be a disaster waiting to happen. Erica so wants to avoid another marital catastrophe and in that respect, thank heavens, she's grown up a bit over the years. She really does love Jack but she knows, deep down, that she's crazy-attracted to Caleb. And he wants her bad. Not long ago, this guy was a hermit hiding from life in the mountains. Now he's suddenly a whole new man all because of Erica. She's very seduced by that.

All My Children Stars Return To Hot In Cleveland Tonight!

All My Children
stars return for laughs on Hot in Cleveland! After Victoria (Wendie Malick) injures Susan Lucci  (playing herself, of course!) Ms. Chase still gears up to play bit part on the sudser. Meanwhile, Joy (Jane Leeves) finds out the AMC actor (Michael E. Knight) she is currently dating has lied to her yet again, and is out for payback.

Hot In Cleveland airs at 10 PM EST on TV Land.

All My Children's Walt Willey Talks "Big, Sloppy, Sharply-Pointed Quadrangle"

All My Children veteran Walt Willey chewed the fat with TV Guide's Michael Logan about Jack's latest romantic predicament. 
TV Guide Magazine: How do you feel about this triangle? From the get-go it seemed like Jack would end up the odd-man out.

Willey: Well, it ain't over yet! And, actually, now that Krystal [Bobbie Eakes] is involved, it's really more like a big, sloppy, sharply pointed quadrangle. If you look at any of the polls, the fans really want to see Jack and Erica together but the writers don't seem to come up with a story for them as a couple. They're Moonlighting, they're Nick and Nora, as clever and funny as can be, but it's always the Sturm und Drang that carries us away.

All My Children and Hot in Cleveland To Feature Crossovers!

Let the games begin!  ABC Daytime and TV Land have decided to team up for a crossover event for All My Children and Hot in Cleveland. On Feb. 16 and 23, AMC's Susan Lucci, Darnell Williams and Michael E. Knight will make guest star apperances on Hot In Cleveland to mix things up with Wendie Malick's character Victoria Chase. READ MORE

All My Children Spoilers: Liza and Damon Have Sex!

Here’s the Scoop!

Before we hit the scoops though, what an episode on Monday! All My Children hit 2011 running and much of the credit is due to Susan Lucci. Fantastic job by the grand dame of the show and as I’ve always said, AMC needs to refocus around her and Erica Kane.

Now that Erica and Caleb have locked lips… and that Caleb knows it was really Kendall who pulled the trigger, what’s next for them? Caleb doesn’t know what to do with either situation. Despite having feelings for his client, Caleb tells Erica that he will continue on as her attorney and informs Liza that his client will take the lesser charge. Unfortunately, Liza turns Caleb down. Will Liza take Caleb’s advice and reconsider? READ MORE

Will All My Children's Erica Kane End up With The Lawyer or The Mountain Man?

TV Guide's Michael Logan chatted with the face of ABC Daytime, Susan Lucci. The All My Children actress gave some tidbits about what's to come with Jackson (Walt Willey), Erica, and Caleb (Michael Nouri).

TV Guide Magazine: Caleb and Erica will agree to work side by side to run Cortlandt. This isn't looking too good for Jack.

Lucci: Oh, no, Erica really wants him! In fact, she notices that Krystal [Bobbie Eakes] is just a little too interested in Jack and that makes Erica even more interested in him. [Laughs] The claws will come out! But, yes, circumstances will force her to work with Caleb. She's ready for a difficult situation but suddenly she has these good feelings about him and she's also holding onto her good feelings about Jack. So there's a real pull. And that's what will begin the triangle.

La Lucci also shared her thoughts on who exactly Erica should be with. READ MORE