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LMAO: All My Children's Chuck Pratt and Julie Hanan Carruthers in "Pratt Falls"

Oh wow, I think I have a new favorite web series, sorry Imaginary Bitches. No hard feelings Life in General w/Greenville General! Check out AMC: Pratt Falls,a knee-slapping spoof featuring a conversation between Julie Hanan "You Didn't See What You Saw" Carruthers and Chuck Pratthole (TM Pine Valley Podcast). I don't know who grrarrgghh is, but you sir or ma'am are a genius. Can't wait until the next episode!

UPDATE: Check out episode two after the jump. READ MORE

Rianca Fan Fundraiser To "Defeat Prop 8"

In celebration of the first gay wedding on daytime's All My Children in February of 2009, the Bianca & Reese fans have come together, with Eden Riegel and Tamara Braun, to raise money to continue the battle to overturn Proposition 8.

During the month of April, All My Children fans will have the opportunity to bid on Bianca & Reese memorabilia through auctions or by purchasing raffle tickets, allowing fans to give back to the real life struggle in California.

Auctions will run from April 10th to April 24th. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase from April 17 to April 29. Proceeds from these events will be donated to "Invalidate Prop 8" and the fight to legalize gay marriage in California.

Auction items, raffle tickets and all information can be found at


Daytime and Diversity: How Far Have We Really Come?

Daytime television has come a long way from the time when soap operas solely revolved around the lives of Midwestern WASPs. Thanks in large part to Agnes Nixon, and the racially and socially diverse landscapes she brought to the artform with her daytime dramas One Life to Live and All My Children, people of color began to carve out a niche on daytime in the late 60's and early 70's. Nixon was also responsible for creating signature roles for women like Robin Strasser and Suan Lucci, both of whom have been quoted as saying they had been told their look was too "ethnic" for television early in their careers.

Me Talk Dirty One Day With AMC's Tamara Braun

Daytime mob moll-turned-sometimes same-sexer Tamara Braun(Reese) talked with SheWired.com about all the K-Raziness happening with her character on All My Children. She also revealed that she has quite the potty mouth, a girl after my own filthy heart!
Tracy E. Gilchrist: So, regarding Reese, I think after a few drinks, everyone gets a little friendly with everyone. So is Bianca overreacting or what?

Tamara Braun: Well, you know, I think Bianca's reactions are valid, you know. She has a right to her reaction, it was the night before her wedding, what the f**** was Reese thinking? And you kissed the...oh, you're going to have to draw a squiggly line through that aren't you?

TEG: Oh we used that here. You're okay.

TB: Are you allowed to say f***?

TEG: Oh we say f***. Yeah, all the time.

TB: Oh I love f***! Okay. That's one of my favorites. (LAUGHS)

TEG: So, if we were doing Inside the Actors Studio that would be your favorite curse word?

Caption This: AMC's Cyclops Reese

Take your best Caption This shot at All My Children's Reese (Tamara Braun).

AMC's Zach Slater is PIG VOMIT! Bring on Rendall!

Regan asked you guys earlier if you were ready for a Rendall Redux and from the looks of things, DC readers aren't trying to feel a reunion between Ryan and Kendall on All My Children, but I sure am! Those promos are taking me right back to the magic that was Rendall! Alicia Minshew and Cameron Mathison have always sparkled together onscreen, and they still do.
It was an abyssmal mistake to ever inject Green-Me (Rebecca Budig) into Ryan and Kendall's orbit. As for Zach (Thorsten Kaye), my ability to tolerate The Cambias That Ate Pine Valley died with Myrtle Fairgate (the late Eileen Herlie).

Zach is a Grade-A jackass, who thinks he should never pay for anything he does! He shot Kendall's poor, unaborted brother through the head and showed about as much remorse as a celebutante after her sex tape is "leaked". READ MORE