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Ex-ATWT Stars Find Their Next Acts

Former As the World Turns vixens Terri Colombino and Maura West (pictured above with Jake Silbermann, Eileen Fulton and Michael Park) have found work on other soaps, but in an excellent piece entitled "Stay Tuned for Soap Stars’ Next Acts" ,The New York Times takes a look what your other favorite former ATWT stars are doing to keep busy these days.

Two years later Mr. Silbermann began writing a short film script about a drug-smuggling American soldier returning from Iraq. He gave himself a secondary (but juicy) role as a tattooed, slightly demented drug connection. “I knew at the very least it would improve my reel,” Mr. Silbermann said.

With more than $50,000 raised through the online fund-raising site Kickstarter (and the loyalty of generous Nuke fans) Mr. Silbermann and the director, Nathan Crooker, shot “Stuffer” over four days last summer. The film, which Mr. Silbermann hopes to expand to feature length, won the jury prize for best short film at the Royal Flush Festival last month. READ MORE

“I am, in a word, encouraged,” Mr. Silbermann said.

Popular ATWT Vet Terri Colombino Dishes Having to Audition for One Life to Live With TV Guide!

The times, they are a changin'. Soap vet Terri Colombino (ex-Katie, As The World Turns) previews her new One Life to Live character Aubrey for TV Guide's Michael Logan. One interesting factoid in the spoilerific chat is that despite Colombino's insane popularity on CBS, she had to do a mini cattle call to get the gig!

TV Guide Magazine: Was this in the works for a while?

Colombino: Just a couple of weeks. They called my agent and asked me to test. At first things weren't working out. My agent was, like, "Why didn't they just offer it to you? Why are you auditioning with 10 other girls who've never done anything before?" Nothing against them, but I did put in some solid years at ATWT, not for nothing. But everything's changed in the business. You can't go by the way things used to be, so we worked it out and I tested with Erika Slezak [Viki] and David Fumero [Cristian] and they both went totally out of their way. I really appreciated their kindness.

TV Guide Magazine: So, then, this test wasn't about you having chemistry with the new Joey? It was just to see if you could act? Wasn't your nose outta joint?

Colombino: No. I didn't really see it that way and I didn't mind. I was, like, "Whatever you need, I'll prove I'm it!" I think Aubrey is going to be very different from Katie and they didn't know me at ABC — they needed to see what I could do. I don't have a problem with it. READ MORE

Terri Colombino's First Day at One Life to Live!


Check out former As the World Turns star Terri Colombino on her first day at One Life to Live. Colombino will play a new character named Aubrey, who arrives in late November. More photos from her first day after the jump!


Terri Colombino Gets A New "Life" To Live

Former As The World Turns starlet Terri Colombino (Katie) has landed a role on One Life to Live, according to SOAPnet.com. Colombino will be playing new character, Aubrey, who is set to arrive in Llanview in late November. It is unknown at this time who she will mix it up with first. What are your thoughts on Colombino coming to One Life to Live

ATWT and OLTL Stars Race For The Cure! (Photos)

As the World Turns’ Billy Magnussen, Cady McClain and Terri Colombino (pictured above) participated in the Susan G. Koman Race For The Cure 2010 on September 12 in New York City’s Central Park. One Life to Live’s Bree Williamson also participated in the charity event, as did Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert. See more photos of your favorite stars after the jump!