Terri Conn

Jack the Happy Humper

As the World Turns' Snyder men seem to fall in and out of love faster than Britney Spears first marriage and Jack Snyder (Michael Park) is no exception. I have to admit I'm quite fond of Julie Pinson as Janet and her going up against Maura West's Carly but I'll always be a Carjacker fan. In fact I'd love to see Janet and Jack split up and then have Carly and Janet become mortal enemies but that's another topic for another time.

Who is your favorite love interest for Jack Snyder?

ATWT Weekly Promo

This week's promo for As the World Turns.

As The World Turns welcomes InTurn winner Nell Mooney

Nell Mooney joins the cast of As the World Turns in the role of Spencer McKay on October 6th. “Spencer will host a variety show with Brad (Austin Peck) and will be keeping a secret from all those in Oakdale” teases CBS.com. Is she just working with Brad or is she here to steal Brad away from Katie (Terri Colombino)?

Nell Mooney is the winner of season 3 of InTurn, the CBS.com reality show where actors compete for a 13-week contract role on As The World Turns. Mooney won with 36% of the votes.

As The World Turns: Julie Pinson To Katie-"Brad's Just My Baby Daddy!"

It's a Days of Our Lives sibling-reunion...on crack on As The World Turns as the character Julie Pinson (ex-Billie, Days) will be playing, Janet "Juicy" Ciccone- turns out to be an ex-flame of Brad Synder, played by the suddenly hysterical Austin Peck. Did I mention, Brad and Juicy supposedly have a teenage daughter named Liberty who pops up in Oakdale next week before the post wedding glow has even left our spunky best gal Katie's face?

I know I griped about Pinson not  joining the show as a recast for Molly Conlin, but right now I am seriously okay with whatever TPTB choose to do with this character and storyline, since Brad and Katie's storyline is one of the best romantic comedies on television right now. Sigh, isn't it nice to actually trust the writers and producers of a soap to entertain you without having to bitch, boycott or jump into a water fountain and baptize yourself the Slut of the Internet? Don't act like I'm the only one whose done it!