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Young and Restless' Marco Dapper to Christian LeBlanc: "I'm Doing Your Wife!"

Someone better warn Carmine Basco (Marco Dapper). Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) may be a Dudley Do-Right these days, but dude once terrorized Genoa City darling Christine "Cricket" Blair (Lauralee Bell) on The Young and the Restless for sport!

Nothing makes a man give up his path to enlightenment, like finding out his wife is being pounded by another guy. Deanna Barnert recently caught up with Dapper for Here's an excerpt of her chat with the daytime homewrecker:

Are you aware of Michael's history?

I know his history and Lauren's too. A bullet's got to be coming my way. I was telling Christian [LeBlanc, Michael], "You're going to try and kill me. I can feel it coming!" I'm sure somebody'll kill me off at some point. (laughs) But here's the thing, as a friend to both the actors, it's so much fun. I get to tease them, off set. I go, "I'm doing your wife!" and Christian screams, "I'm going to get you!" They're so fun, and the story is juicy. I want more! READ MORE

Wishful Casting: Brandon Barash as Lauren's Son Scotty on The Young and the Restless!


Okay, we're all thinking it. How long will it be before The Young and the Restless showrunner Jill Farren Phelps makes a play for exiting General Hospital star Brandon Barash? Barash is one of the sexiest and most popular stars currently part of the daytime landscape; somebody better snap him up!

Barash would prove a great recast for Scotty Grainger, the writer son of Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (Tracey Bregman) and the late Dr. Scott Grainger (Peter Barton). When we last saw Scotty (a pre-The Lying Game Blair Redford), he was being used as a pawn in one of Sheila Carter's (Kimberlin Brown) lethal plots against his mother. 

More recently, Lauren sent her and Michael Baldwin's (Christian LeBlanc) son Fenmore (Max Ehrich) to live with his big brother, when Sheila's daughter Daisy (Yvonne Zima) was tormenting the clan. With the Fenmore-Baldwins once again in crisis, now is the perfect time for Lauren's eldest son to come home! READ MORE

Lauren Regrets Sampling Carmine's Italian Sausage on The Young and the Restless

Lauren (Tracey Bregman) was having second thoughts about playing hide the cannoli with Carmine (Marco Dapper). She made him promise he’d never say anything to anyone about their hookup.  Moments after he went downstairs for his shift, there was a knock on Lauren’s door. She opened it, expecting Carmine, but discovered Fen (Max Ehrich). READ MORE

Can Michael Baldwin Put His Family Back Together on The Young and the Restless?


For the first time in years, Tracey Bregman and Christian LeBlanc are benefiting from a storyline worthy of their tremendous talents and popularity on The Young and the Restless. As Lauren Fenmore and Michael Baldwin's marriage continues to disintegrate, is there anything the legal eagle can do to put his family with the department store diva back together again?

Giving up the job of D.A., and handing over the reins to Cricket Blair (Lauralee Bell) might be a nice first step. Next, he could start looking at son Fenmore (Max Ehrich) as an individual, and not as the Second Coming of Evil Michael and/or Chipmunk Kevin (Greg Rikaart). Watch a sneak peek below of Michael's turmoil from today's episode of Y&R!


Tracey Bregman and Christel Khalil Share Favorite The Young and The Restless Memories

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Young and the Restless, Genoa City divas Tracey Bregman and Christel Khalil took a stroll down memory lane. In revealing interviews, the two soap stars share deets such as: Bregman originally auditioned for the role of Patty Williams and Khalil's fave storyline was Lily being on the run in L.A. with Daniel (Michael Graziadei). To hear more from Bregman and Khalil, watch the interviews after the jump! READ MORE

Fen Takes Michael to the Woodshed Over His Past Crimes on The Young and the Restless

Practically everyone in Genoa City was at the opening of Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) new club, Underground, except Michael (Christian LeBlanc), Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and Victor (Eric Braeden).

The Baldwin parents were at home, worried about Fen (Max Ehrich). Michael and Lauren engaged in a shouting match. Michael said he didn’t want Fen to become him. Lauren shot back that Fen wasn’t capable of becoming his father. Lauren, Lauren, you are delusional. Fen returned home and his conversation with Michael quickly went downhill. READ MORE