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Michael Malone On Marty and Todd Romance

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco has a new interview with Michael Malone storied career on soaps. Branco questions Malone about Ron Carlivati's decision to pair One Life to Live's Marty and Todd romantically.

TVG: As you know, Carlivati has taken on a death wish by pairing Marty and Todd romantically. Your gang-rape storyline is universally hailed as the gold standard because Todd was punished for his crime, and Marty and Todd never fell in love. [After explaining the story set-up] How do you feel about Ron heading in this bold direction with one of your signature storylines?

MM: It was a soap-opera collaborative. Of course, along with Linda, Josh, Susan Haskell [Marty], and Roger Howarth [then-Todd] were instrumental to the story's success. When Todd was created he was called Frat Boy No. 1 — and that was his only purpose at the time. Todd was just there to help us tell this story about college date rape. Howarth’s remarkable ability to play the monster, and the tragedy inside that monster, allowed us to connect him to the canvas in a larger way. We were all pleasantly surprised with how Roger took that character and made him real.

On one hand, it surprises me because Ron has been a far more conventional soap writer than I was. He’s also a great lover of the form, and has worked in the form for a long time. Ron loves the conventions and traditions of the form. So, my first reaction is, I’m surprised. The character having amnesia literally erases the real moral consequences and the real spiritual journey Marty has embarked on. It’s like telling Othello he’s white and Desdemona doesn’t really die. Presumably, Marty will gain her memory, and what will happen? She will be horrified…

Be sure to check out the interview and tell us what you think of this controversial storyline.

One Life to Live Spoilers & Scoops!

We haven't done these in awhile and like I've said, I'm a bit behind on my One Life to Live, so bear with me.

Here's the Scoop!

Love Lindsay? We do and the RUMOR mill says she may not be in Llanview much longer. Catherine Hickland is a Daytime Confidential favorite and Lindsay will be sorely missed. Supposedly there will be one more meeting for Bo and Lindsay, but that footage may hit the cutting room floor. Expect Bo to start flirting with Dallas,TPTB are attempting to see if real life chemistry can translate to reel life. However, Dallas is also rumored to be one of the murders coming soon, so fan response will dictate.

How does Clint react to Bo and Dallas?
Not well and this should cause some friction for Nora. Clint has other issues coming up as well.

Have you seen the Fall Preview?
Interesting tease of an Antonio - Jessica reunion or was the tease a Cristian - Jessica reunion?

One Life to Live's St. John Apologizes for "Gang Rape" comments

One Life to Live
leading man Trevor St. John (Todd) had to issue a mea culpa following comments he made at a recent Fan Club Luncheon.  Allegedly, when asked about the controversial storyline involving his character Todd Manning and Todd's rape victim Marty Saybrooke (Susan Haskell), St. John replied, "I'm all for gang rape."

The actor issued the following response to

"I regret the way I responded to the question about the upcoming Todd and Marty storyline. It was meant in jest and I should know better than to ever try and make a joke about such a serious subject. I intended no disrepect and apologize to anyone I offended." --Trevor St. John

Michael Easton Reserves Judgement on John and Blair

Nelson Branco has a new interview with One Life to Live's Michael Easton up at TV Guide Canda in which Easton reveals that he's reserving judgment on the Blair and John pairing. Here is an excerpt.

TVG: Are you psyched about the burgeoning Todd-Blair-John-Marty quadrangle? It’s quite the controversial and risky storyline.

ME: Yeah, but Susan Haskell, speaking of Toronto people, and Trevor are doing really interesting things with the story. Susan’s a fantastic actress. Hopefully, we’ll build towards something explosive with this group of characters. I wasn’t sure if I was happy about John and Blair’s romance, but [I’m reserving judgment until I see it play out]. I try not to ask a lot of questions. I don’t think I’ve ever had a meeting with Ron Carlivati about storyline. I never sat with Dena Higley nor Josh Griffith and Michael Malone. There was a story out there once that I liked to sit down with the writers all the time, but that’s not true. We’ll talk when we pass each other in the hallway, but that’s it.

Check out the entire interview by visiting TV Guide Canda.

One Life to Live: Who Would Win in a Brawl, Todd or John?

On a show like One Life to Live where chemistry just oozes from pairings like Jared & Natalie, Rex and Gigi, Talia & Antonio, and David Vickers with pretty much anyone, there is one unrequited couple who has yet to explore their full potential. John McBain and Todd Manning.

With a manly "my brooding is more dour than yours" dynamic between these two rivals has continued to build over the years, even as they have had to team up. In fact, if  last summers' road trip/baby hunt proved anything it was that Todd and John could be at their best while working towards a common goal. Unfortunately, there is no love lost between these two sluggers which got me to wondering...

Who would win in a bar brawl? Would Todd bust up McBain's glasses and knock him out OR would John use some of his macho police training to take Manning down?

Who would win in a bar brawl?

One Life to Live: Kudos to Trevor St. John, Kirsten Alderson, and Kassie DePaiva

We here at Daytime Confidential were amazed by Trevor St. John, Kirsten Alderson, and Kassie DePaiva's performances last week on One Life to Live. Belinda and myself discuss it with Karen from in this weeks ABC Edition of the Daytime Confidential Podcast (to air later this week). Turns out we weren't the only ones blown away by the story.

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco has a rave review of the performance in this week's The Nelson Ratings. We've published an excerpt but you'll want to check out the whole thing. He nails the topic on the head!

"Freud would have a field day with Todd Manning on OLTL. This week, in some of the most explosive and uglieyou mest scenes ever broadcast on daytime TV, head writer Ron Carlivati once again dug into Llanview’s past to show exactly what he thinks of Todd Manning. In short, he’s a monster. Ever since he raped Marty Saybrooke, Todd has been one of the most controversial characters on soaps, yet Carlivati chose to do something rather unique, bold and risky with one of his marquee characters. Instead of trying to sell us that Todd’s a changed man, Carlivati essentially initiated a dialogue with the audience: 'You want to know how damaged this man is? I’ll show you — and it ain’t pretty.' ”