Tristan Rogers

Tristan Rogers Returns to General Hospital on November 15!

Tristan Rogers is returning to his General Hospital stomping grounds. Rogers will reprise the role as Robert Scorpio on November 15. Said the popular actor to Soap Opera Digest:

"I am feeling really good right now! My connection to GH and to this character is so strong. I think the fans will see a Robert who is the same, but also different ... and there's a reason for that difference. I was very excited about the story when it was explained to me." READ MORE

Luke vs. Duke: Who Should Anna Devane Be With on General Hospital?

Luke (Anthony Geary) is back in town and Duke (Ian Buchannan) is back from the dead. Wha's a girl to do? Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) finds herself in quite the predicament on General Hospital. Does she forgive Luke and continue to explore their relatively newfound feelings, or reunite with the man many fans argue is the love of her life?

Then there is Robert (Tristan Rogers), the father of her first born daughter, who's still out there grieving Robin (Kimberly McCullough). Robert isn't the only man Anna bore a child. What about Leora's dastardly daddy, David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry)? Prospect Park's license to All My Children expires soon. Maybe Dr. Evil is the right man for the super spy?

We can't forget about Anna's protege John McBain (Michael Easton). When the Llanview transplant isn’t sizzlin’ in scenes with Sam (Kelly Monaco), his chemistry with Anna makes you wonder if she could find happiness in the arms of a younger, less audible man.

Who do you think General Hospital’s Anna Devane should be with?

It's Fifty Shades of Fiona Hutchison This Week on Daytime Emmy-Nominated The Bay!


Things get hella kinky in the latest installment of Gregori J. Martin's Daytime Emmy-nominated web sudser The Bay. Special Guest Star Fiona Hutchison's "Mystery Woman" shows up at the cheap motel room, where she believes Brian Nelson (Dylan Bruce) is staying, only to find his kid brother Peter (Kristos Andtrews). Let's just say their exchange recalls the "whips and chains, handcuffs" line in that one Ludacris song!

Elsewhere in Bay City, the Ramoses are acting out quite the dramatic, bilingual telenovela, as Liana (Jade Harlow) attempts to inform her drunk madre of Lee Nelson's (Paul Satterfield) fate. Pay special attention to the well-shot scene where Lex Martin (Tristan Rogers) learns a shocking truth he must share with Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans). This season of The Bay is definitely picking up steam. Watch the eppy after the jump!


Tristan Rogers Headed Back to The Young and the Restless

Tristan Rogers isn't letting any grass grow under his feet. On the heels of reprising the role of Robert Scorpio on General Hospital, the soap vet is headed back to The Young and the Restless, reports Soap Opera Weekly. Look for Genevieve's (Genie Francis) ex-husband—and Jill's (Jess Walton) on again/off again beau— Colin Ashby to be back in Genoa City "indefinitely."

Holly vs. Anna: Which Woman is The Love of Robert Scorpio's Life on General Hospital?

While the trio's children being in various states of disrepair (Robin is dead; Ethan was almost turned into a Spencer, er Scorpio kabob by Helena) may be what has Anna (Finola Hughes), Holly (Emma Samms) and Robert (Tristan Rogers) back in Port Charles again this week, their presence can't help but reignite the heated debate over their classic, General Hospital love triangle.

Holly Sutton was first involved with Scorpio's best pal Luke Spencer (Tony Geary), but when Luke was presumed dead following an avalanche, Robert stepped up to marry a pregnant Holly, preventing her from being deported. Although Holly miscarried Luke's baby, she and Robert decided to stay married, as they had fallen madly in love. Cue Luke's return from the dead and the beginning of the Luke/Holly/Robert triangle. Holly eventually chose Robert, while Luke reunited with Laura (Genie Francis), who by this point had returned from the dead herself. Robert and Holly were finally able to be happy together — until they weren't.

The year 1985 saw the arrival of Robert's ex-wife Anna Devane in Port Charles with his secret daughter Robin in tow. Though Robert ultimately decided to stay with Holly, even packing up to follow her to Australia; he returned to PC in 1987, believing Holly dead following a plane crash. In 1991, Robert finally remarried his baby mama, Anna, following the death of her ex-mobster hubby Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan, Greg Beecroft).

The next year, Robert discovered Holly hadn't in fact died (Does anyone in this town wait for a body, complete with a toe tag before moving on?!), and had been in a coma following her plane crash. The couple was back on good terms by the time Robert left Robin in the care of Holly and his little brother Mac (John J. York) to go rescue Anna from the dastardly Faison (Anders Hove). Holly, Mac, Robin and the rest of PC were soon shocked to learn Robert and Anna had "died" in an explosion caused by Faison. After a brief time of helping Mac rear Robin (and dating Luke's lookalike cousin Bill Eckert), Holly left town in '93.

Flash forward to 2006, when a lethal monkey flu brought the trio back to General Hospital. Since that time, Robert, Holly and Anna have all turned up from time to time, but their once insanely debatable love triangle has been left all but unresolved since the early 90's. With all three finally back in PC this week. It begs the question:

Once and for all, who is the great love of Robert Scorpio's life?    

First Airdates Announced For Robert, Anna and OLTL Stars on General Hospital!

Get ready soap fans! According to ABC Soaps In Depth, the wait  is almost over for Tristan Rogers and Finola Hughes' return to General Hospital. Hughes' alter ego Anna Devane makes her way back to Port Charles during the week of Feb. 13, while Rogers' Robert Scorpio returns the week of Feb. 27.

Meanwhile, Kristen Alderson make her General Hospital debut the week of Feb. 20, but Roger Howarth and Kassie DePaiva will appear the week of Feb. 27. Sorry kids, you wil have to wait a tad bit longer for Michael Easton to arrive in the fictional town. Easton's first airdate is slated for March. READ MORE