Tuc Watkins

Who Fathered David Vickers? It's Deeper Than You Think

A few days ago, Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens delicately asked the question Who In High Hell Fathered David Vickers on OLTL? Because I'm a sucker for such things, I attempted to explain in the comments section of his post how the paternity would shake out. However, it seems the matter is still rather confusing to some/many/everybody, including me.

My feverish brain could not let the issue go, so I decided to simplify the explanation a bit for those who are still confused about who banged whom, when minds were switched, and what's the smoke monster. Oops, wrong show! Anyway, here is my attempt to unravel the mystery of David Vickers' paternity. Mind you, if you stick with me to the very end of this, there is a theory of mine that I think will please people who have wanted to see a particular outcome. Mind you, it's only a theory but it is based on everything we've seen on screen.

Are you sitting down? Got your anti-anxiety medication ready, be it prescription or a stiff drink? Take a deep breath. In and out, slowly. Get set! And here we go!... READ MORE

Help Luke Choose His Next Performer of the Week

I'm having an extremely hard time deciding who to choose as my Performer of the Week when we record the episode this weekend so I hoped you all could help me decide. Of course enjoyment of an actor's performances is subjective, but so far I have it narrowed down to Billy Miller and the dynamic duo of Tuc Watkins and Robin Strasser.

Tuc Watkins & Robin Strasser: Last night I was watching the Wednesday episode of One Life to Live and the scenes where David (Tuc Watkins) and Dorian (Robin Strasser) sweep into the Buchanan mansion and throw out the rest of the famiglia had me rolling with laughter. From David's scenes of confronting Renee to Dorian playing protective Pitbull of her husband, telling Nora to brush up on her legalese and then telling him they better make sure the departing Buchanan's didn't steal anything it was the perfect way to end a stressful day with a laugh.

Billy Miller: What Tuc Watkins and Robin Strasser did with humor on One Life to Live Billy Miller did with drama on The Young and the Restless. Watching him as Billy Abbott delivered his child and then fight his inner demons at the bar with Jack (Peter Bergman) over whether or not he is a good enough man to be a father was absolutely gripping. Every time I see Miller kicking it out of the park I want to kick All My Children for letting a rising star like him go.

Who should I choose as my Performer of the Week?

Billion Dollar Texas Twang

Boy that was fast. One passionate night with David Vickers Buchanan (Tuc Watkins) and Dorian (Robin Strasser) has traded in her French for a Texas twang. I also couldn't help but notice that David and Dorian decked themselves out in cowboy black for their triumphant arrival at the Buchanan mansion. Could the clothing foreshadow what is to come? Also, while I've enjoyed David's quest for inner peace I'm very glad to see the old David Vickers back in action. Welcome back David Vickers. More pictures after the jump.  READ MORE

Much Ado About a Blow Job

Looks like all the talk about how unseemly it was for that nasty, shameful Ron Carlivati to literally walk out of One Life to Live's writer's room and force the grand Robin Strasser to her knees before Tuc Watkins' big, orange...robe (I have the You Tube footage, call me!), placed the blame on the wrong provocateur. La Strasser revealed to TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco, the idea for Dor-Dor to go down on David, was her's.

TVG:  Recently, Dorian performed oral sex on David in an effort to test his loyalty to Buddhism. I loved the scene, but a few critics and fans were offended, claiming it contradicted Dorian’s character and classy nature. How did you feel about the scene? READ MORE

Patrika Darbo on Desperate Housewives

Patrika Darbo (ex Nancy Wesley, Days of Our Lives) popped up on Desperate Housewives as Gabby's seamstress. Tuc Watkins (David Vickers, One Life to Live) storyline as the Scavo family lawyer. Check out more pictures after the jump. READ MORE

OLTL's Tuc Watkins to Michael Fairman: "It's Six Years Later!"

On-Air On-Soaps sleuth Michael Fairman sat down with and got a lil' dirt from One Life to Live scene stealer Tuc Watkins (David) on the revelation that his character is the long lost son of Texas bad boy millionaire Asa Buchanan (Phil Carey):


Will David finally find out this time out, that he is really Asa Buchanan’s son?


You know, they have been teasing this story for eternity. Talk about dragging out a story! Even by soap terms, it’s taking a long time. I remember when the previous head writer was there and I went back under contract for three years starting in 2003. They told me, “We are going to reveal you are Asa Buchanan’s son.” I thought,” That’s cool, because he is the patriarch of the show, and that means I will be working a lot!” Well, I tell you now, it is going to be revealed, but it is six years later! This is 2009! READ MORE