Tuc Watkins

Dalai David Vickers

David Vickers (Tuc Watkins) may not be the Dalai Lama but from the looks of it he's found himself some religion. From the sounds of it, on Monday we'll find out what he changed his name to. I wonder if this new profession of faith is a passing fad or if he'll end up doing yoga in monk robes at Viki's (Erika Slezak) house?

Andrea Evans: "I Would Love to Work With Tuc"

In a recent interview with TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco Andrea Evans weighed in on the lack of screen time between Tina and David Vickers.

TVG: Were you bummed out about not acting with Mr. Scene Stealer himself, Tuc Watkins [David]?

AE: [Sighs] I know. I was disappointed about that. I would love to work with Tuc, and hopefully one day we will. Instead, I got the next best thing, David Vickers the dog! You know what was funny about that? I got so much mail asking why Tina didn’t realize David was a she and not a he! “Didn’t you realize he was female when Little David Vickers didn’t lift his leg up to pee,” they’d ask. But you know what? I have a six-year old golden retriever dog who has never lifted his leg.

Should Tina and David had screen time together?

Tuc Watkins Returns as David Vickers

Brace yourself Tuc Watkin fans, David Vickers is returning to Llanview and this time he won't be pregnant with puppies. Carolyn Hinsey is reporting at the New York Daily News that Watkins is set to return to One Life to Live in December.

Can You Be Openly Gay and Star on a Daytime Soap?

That's the question TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco is asking in his latest feature article. Branco interviews some of daytime's biggest names, including Eden Riegel, who shot to fame as Erica's lesbian daughter Bianca on All My Children, brilliant actor/artist/writer Thom Bierdz who played Phillip III on The Young and the Restless and later came out as a homosexual man and openly gay General Hospital: Night Shift actor Chad Allen. Branco also speaks with such industry insiders as uber talent manager Michael Bruno, Emmy-winning soap scribe Tom Casiello, Soap Opera Digest columnist Carolyn Hinsey and  Y&R's top lady Maria Arena Bell, among many others, including the infamous Perez Hilton.  Check out the must read article here.

Desperate Husbands and Hunks

Last week I asked who your favorite desperate housewife was so in honor of tonight's second episode, "We're So Happy Your Happy," I figured I'd ask, who is your favorite Desperate Housewives husband or hunk? 

Who is your favorite desperate husband or hunk?