Vail Bloom

Is Y&R's Vail Bloom "Blooming"?

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco may have recently named Vail Bloom among soap's worst actors, but this week he's seeing improvement, according to the latest Nelson Ratings.

Stop the presses: A week after I named Vail Bloom (Heather) as one of daytime TV’s top hair models, the actress actually showed signs of improvement on today’s Y&R episode on CBS. Bloom even managed to look like she was holding her own opposite the Goliath of acting gods, Eric Braeden (Victor). More stunning was the fact that, for the first time in history, I was on Heather’s side, and not the Mustache’s. If Victor is going to invite his blind son, Adam, to live with him, then he has to allow his friends to visit — especially considering the black sheep is under house arrest.

Do you think Vail Bloom is improving as an actress?

Mirror, Mirror on The Wall, Who's The Greatest Hair Model of Them All?

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco has released his list of Soap's Worst Actors. No surprise, The Bold and the Beautiful— or Passions 2009 as I like to call it— leads the pack with three folicle strutters making the cut.


Heather Stevens and the Three Strikes Law

No offense to Heather Stevens (Vail Bloom), but in a string of successful lawyers on The Young and the Restless, she sure got the short end of the stick. Cricket Blair (sorry, she was never Christine to me), John Silva and Michael Baldwin have had great success as lawyers over the years, so what the frack happened to Heather Stevens?

The State of Wisconsin adopted the Three Strikes Law for criminals, which basically means if you commit two crimes, you're in the slammer after the third. If the law were applied to inept attorneys, our poor Heather would be collecting an unemployment check by now. Of course, it doesn't help that some of her losses have come at the hands of her father Paul's crack investigating to get to truth, justice and the American way.

Strike One:
When she first appeared in Genoa City, she was hired as Assistant District Attorney and thrown head first into the bullring when she had to go up against corporate powerhouse Victor Newman. Unknown to Heather, The Moustache has a long memory. Like an elephant, he never forgets and her mishandling of the murder case of JiMin Kim would establish their relationship, which is still on shaky ground today. She accused Victor of murder and was convinced he was guilty, but he wasn't. Victor was not convicted and walked.

Around the same time, she was investigating the death of Plum, a man found dead by Amber and Daniel. There was no arrest or conviction in this case either. Due to the confusion caused by convoluted storytelling, this will count as a ball, not a strike. READ MORE

Three Other "Prominent" Y&R Actors Axed!

According to Conde Nast's Portfolio at least three other "prominent" Y&R stars have been axed along with Don Diamont (Brad).

Later this month, Brad Carlton, a onetime pool boy who married the boss's daughter to become chief executive of a major cosmetics company, will apparently take a bullet and die for a cause.

That cause will not be the woman of his dreams (his former sister-in-law and the estranged wife of his sworn enemy), but daytime soap operas.

For all but one of the last 24 years, Carlton—a onetime Navy Seal and a secret Nazi hunter—has been a character on The Young & The Restless, the daytime ratings champ for the last two decades.

But Carlton, played by Don Diamont, and three other prominent characters on the CBS show have been axed as part of the severe retrenchment seizing daytime soaps—one of TV's oldest formats, its quintessential advertising vehicle, and the birthplace of product placement.

Late last year our Jillian Bowe reported sources informed her of the impending exits of Vail Bloom (Heather), Chris Engen (Adam) and Michael Gross (River), and while Gross's departure has since been confirmed, READ MORE

The Young and the Restless Weekly Promo

God I've been DYING for these days to come... I need a cigarette after see this.

Bloom's Publicist Denies Y&R Ouster

Much like General Hospital'Sebastian Roche's publicist before her, Vail Bloom's rep denied reports of her departture from The Young and the Restless to Soap Opera Digest. From what we are hearing things still don't look good for the much-maligned actress. Keep checking back as the story progresses.