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Why ATWT's Ruke Rocks

With the end of As the World Turns drawing near, viewers are waiting with baited breath to see if their favorite pairings will survive, or if mooning lovers like Barbara and Henry will be united for the finale. One couple I’m pulling hard for is Luke and Reid, or "Ruke", as I like to call them. These two have a delicious, grown folks kind of chemistry that just screams “love in the afternoon.”


ATWT's Van Hansis in Trailer for Scary, New Flick!

As the World Turns star Van Hansis is starring in the horror film Occupant. Check the teaser trailer after the jump. READ MORE

Couples Face Decisions on ATWT

Couples face off and triangles heat up next week on As the World Turns. Carly (Maura West)  tries to get Jack (Michael Park) to see things her way as Vienna (Ewa Da Cruz) confronts Henry (Trent Dawson) about his feelings for Barbara (Colleen Zenk Pinter). Luke (Van Hansis) has a confession for Reid (Eric Sheffer Stevens), but where will that leave Noah (Jake Silbermann)? Check out the promo after the jump. READ MORE

Chris Puts the Moves on Katie; Lily Lies for Craig on ATWT

Next week on As the World Turns, Carly (Maura West) defends herself to Jack (Michael Park) regarding Parker (Mick Hazen), while Vienna (Ewa Da Cruz) gives Henry (Trent Dawson) some surprising news. Meanwhile, Chris (Daniel Cosgrove) makes a play for Katie (Terri Colombino) and Lily (Noelle Beck) covers for Craig (Jon Lindstrom) when he is questioned by Margo (Ellen Dolan). Reid (Eric Sheffer Stevens) gives Luke (Van Hansis) a warning about Noah (Jake Silbermann). Check out the promo after the jump! READ MORE

Jake Silbermann Discusses Nuke's End Story

In an interview with After Elton, As the World Turns’ Jake Silbermann discusses having his character Noah go blind, how he’ll react when he finds out about Luke (Van Hansis) and Reid (Eric Sheffer Stevens) and how Nuke’s storyline should wrap up when the show goes off the air this fall.

AE: How would you like to see things come to a close? At the end of the show, the last day, where do you want Noah to be?
JS: As an actor there are so many different avenues that I would love to go with this character, but I’d really like to see first and foremost an ending that satisfies the fans. The fans have been through this and I want them to be happy. I want them to know that they have some kind of closure to these characters and I think a number of fans have expressed to me that they would like to see Luke and Noah together in the end.

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What Does ATWT's Luke Have That Reid Wants?

In an interview with After Elton, As the World Turns’ Eric Sheffer Stevens discusses what exactly it is that attracts his character, Reid, to Luke (Van Hansis).

AE: What is about Luke that appeals to Reid? Why is he drawn to him?
ESS: There’s something very fresh about him. I don’t know if I can articulate it, but it’s just one of those attractions. Reid doesn’t know why because it goes against what he thinks he would want in a partner. It doesn’t add up because he definitely dislikes him initially so I think he hates himself for the attraction, but he gives into it more and more.

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