Vanessa Marcil

Vanessa Marcil Making the Rounds

Did you catch The Nanny Express starring General Hospital's Vanessa Marcil? The actress is making the rounds in support of the Hallmark Channel movie. Marcil took Entertainment Weekly's "Pop Culture Personality Quiz" and sat down with TV Guide's Matt Mitovich to discuss her latest role that is a far cry from some of her more famous ones. READ MORE

Vanessa Marcil "Trying To Make It Work Again"

Could Vanessa Marcil be returning to General Hospital? Marcil, who stars in Hallmark's The Nanny Express on January 3rd, told Soap Opera Weekly that "We're trying to make it work again."

Marcil Mourns Loss of Reality Show Contestant

General Hospital and Lipstick Jungle star Vanessa Marcil spoke out toTV's Matt Mitovich about the sudden passing of Todd Homme, one of the contestants on her Lifetime reality competition Blush: The Search for the Next Great Make-up Artist. Homme, who was 23, died Dec. 13 in his home of yet-to-be-determined causes, Mitovich reports.

Marcil shared she was "totally floored" by Homme's death.

The interesting thing is that I, for some reason, had this huge connection with Todd — which of course now is really sad. But something about him was just really kind and beautiful and open."

Our thoughts are with Marcil, as well as Homme's family and friends.

Vanessa Marcil in The Nanny Express

Vanessa Marcil is keeping busy and unfortunately it's not with a return to General Hospital. Marcil stars in the Hallmark Channel's Original Movie The Nanny Express premiering on Saturday, January 3, 2009. Here's the story behind The Nanny Express:

By the time Kate Hewitt (Vanessa Marcil) walks through the front door of widower David Chandler (Brennan Elliott), he is a desperate man. His two children, nine-year-old Ben (Uriah Shelton) and teenager Emily (Natalie Dreyfuss), have already succeeded in chasing a string of six terrorized nannies out of the very same entryway. But Kate, who is caring for an ailing father (Dean Stockwell) and finishing up a teaching degree, needs this job and she resolves to stand up to whatever tricks and pranks the Chandler kids can dish out—and to help them cope with the death of their mother. READ MORE

PREEMPTIVE STRIKE BREAKING NEWS: Let the Vanessa Marcil Return Rumors Begin!

With word that NBC has canceled Lipstick Jungle one just knows that Brian Frons has popped a bottle of champagne. It is this hunch, and this groundless hunch alone that we here at Daytime Confidential are taking a preemptive strike by starting the return of Vanessa Marcil to General Hospital rumors ourselves before it has a chance to be splashed on any magazine cover with a misleading headline. Let the rumors begins!

ABC Drops Alyssa Milano Sitcom, Will General Hospital Buzz Resume?

ABC Studios has pulled the plug on the highly-anticipated Alyssa Milano sitcom Single With Parents due to "creative differences" among the show's producers, says The Hollywood Reporter. Rumors had the Who's The Boss? and Melrose Place alum atop the list to recreate the role of General Hospital's Brenda Barrett just prior to her booking the sitcom deal, on the strength of her career-reviving turn in the Lifetime TV movie Wisegal.

Since it doesn't look like Vanessa Marcil is returning anytime soon and GH is currently in a ratings free fall, I say ABC daytime honcho Brian Frons should offer Milano the sun, moon and even an uncontested spot on Dancing With the Stars in order to get her on GH before VH1 can attempt to help her find love. Milano is one of a select few actresses who could fully embody the character of Brenda Barrett with the same spunk and spirit of Marcil's original interpretation. Recast Brenda already! I love Marcil, but the show, er soap must go on!