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Colby is Pine Valley’s Newest Maneater on All My Children

Colby (Brooke Newton) tracked Petey (Robert Scott Wilson) to Jane’s Addiction and tried to sink her claws deeper into the Cortlandt heir. However, he wasn’t going to let himself get entrapped and asked if she was interested in being friends with benefits. David (Vincent Irizarry) interrupted their conversation, so Colby left. David later found her and the two shared a drink. READ MORE

More All My Children Catches Up With Vincent Irizarry (VIDEO)

This week More All My Children interviews Vincent Irizarry (David). The show also dives into the hotly-discussed sex scene between Pete (Robert Scott Wilson) and Colby (Brooke Newton). Watch it after the jump!


Vincent Irizarry on All My Children's Return: "All of Us on The Show Are Grateful"

Our pals at Zap2it recently caught up with veteran, soap favorite Vincent Irizarry. The actor chatted with the website about the genre’s impact on television and All My Children’s cancellation and rebirth.

Zap2it: What's your recollection of the time when ABC canceled "All My Children" and its Online Network mate "One Life to Live"?

Vincent Irizarry: I don't know why it happened the way it did. From all appearances, it seems like it was terribly mishandled. Being there at the epicenter while it was happening, it was confounding to all of us. We were like, "What is going on?" It was really disheartening to see ["All My Children"] come to that end, and it just seemed so unnecessary. It never should have happened.

So all of us on the show are grateful, and the audience is just overwhelmingly excited that this has happened. This is due in great part to them, because of the fact that they were so vigilant; they were such staunch loyalists of the show. READ MORE

Zach and Lea Play "Lick Me, Click Me" on All My Children

Bianca (Eden Riegel) told Miranda (Denyse Tontz) they were going to have dinner with Zach (Thorsten Kaye), just the three of them. Binks felt it was time she and Miranda's uncle talked to her about some things.

The mother and daughter were interrupted by a call regarding Miranda Center business. Bianca was going to have to leave town. When Bianca suggested Miranda would stay with Opal (Jill Larson), her daughter pointed out it made more sense to crash at AJ's (Eric Nelsen), before making a crack about Bianca's beef with JR (Ryan Bittle). Miranda told her mother it would suck to have to choose between her best friend and her mom.

SPOILERS: Jesse Makes a Deal With a Russian Devil to Save Cassandra on All My Children!


All My Children's Jesse Hubbard (Darnell Williams) just can't seem to get a handle on this co-parenting thing. First he misses out on Frankie's formative years, due to that whole, pesky, presumed death business. Then he neglects to tell Angie (Debbi Morgan) he fathered a daughter with another woman during said presumptive death.

No sooner than the Mrs. got past all of that, did this fool lie to Angie about their baby daughter dying and switching the deceased brat with some other tyke!

To be fair, Jesse was only trying to surprise his beloved by flying her adopted daughter Cassandra (Sal Stowers) home from Paris. The problem is, instead of netting some serious frequent flyer miles, Cassie wound up sold as a sex slave!

The week of June 10, Jesse will do the unthinkable to bring Cassandra home safe. Will the pact he makes with Russian money launderer and sex trafficker Uri (Martin Harvey) blow up in the cop's face? READ MORE

Vincent Irizarry on All My Children Schedule Change: "It’s Now 'Anytime' Rather Than 'Daytime'"

 Vincent Irizarry is speaking out on The Online Network's recent decision to cut All My Children and One Life to Live's episodes down from four per week to two. Said the actor on his web site:

Please understand, the decision was made out of our producers being sensitive to the viewing patterns and busy lives of all our faithful viewers. They were able to analyze by the 3rd week, many viewers were still just watching shows from the 1st week, thereby having fallen behind by 12 hours of viewing at that time already; if they were watching both shows. Their decision was based on their genuine desire to prevent any of you from falling so far behind, whereas you begin to experience catching up as an obligation, or worse, as a burden.

Read Irizarry's full statement below! READ MORE