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BREAKING NEWS: Vincent Irizarry OUT at All My Children?!

SPOILER ALERT:Score one for ABC Daytime.They finally managed to keep a major casting shocker a secret!This week's Soap Opera Digest reveals that popular mustache twirler David Hayward is the person who dies on All My Children, and that his portrayer—Daytime Emmy winner Vincent Irizarry—is out!

According to AMC's co-head writer David "Killer" Kreizman (Melodie Aikels (tm)) the decision was "storyline-dictated". If David is really dead and Kreizman and Donna Swajeski really just killed off one of soap's most popular villains, then someone needs to be horse whipped up and down a dirt road just as naked as they came into the world! For more on this story, pick up the September 14 issue of Soap Opera Digest on newstands now.

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Is ABC Daytime Copying Old Proctor & Gamble Soaps?

Watching the ABC daytime lineup lately has been a little déjà vu for this old time soap viewer. Perhaps “copying” is too strong a term. Maybe “homage” would be a better word or, perhaps, “sticky fingers.” On the other hand, the stories in question here are different from either classic soap opera tropes (boy/girl-meets-hates-falls-in-love-with-girl/boy stuff) or classic soap cliches (supervillain-returns-from-the-dead-with-an-evil-twin shenanigans) because of their very specificity.

All three of the ABC’s daytime dramas currently are airing stories or arcs that have been a little too close to the mark of several cancelled Proctor & Gamble shows, begging the question “Does Brian Frons really admire those old, now defunct serials as much as he loves pilfering CBS soap stars?” Let us count the ways: READ MORE

DC: #536: Walt Willey Interview

Jackson Montgomery is back, and we've got him! On today's episode of the Daytime Confidential podcast, Luke and Jamey talk to All My Children veteran and all around nice guy Walt Willey, who recently reprised his signature role as Erica Kane's (Susan Lucci) most enduring lover on the sudser.

This Friday, April 9 at 9 pm Willey will be appearing at SoCal's hottest spot for sketch comedy, ACME Comedy Theatre, where he will be hosting "Unscripted Hollywood Dream Role". Willey offers DC listeners a preview of his upcoming show, and gives his hilarious reaction to having witnessed the infamous Kato Kaelin hosting the show when he first visited ACME.

"He's held up good since the white van days," Willey quips.

Then the discussion shifts, of course, to what it's like for Willey to be back in Pine Valley— by way of Los Angeles instead of New York— and to be working again with the likes of Rebecca Budig, Vincent Irizarry, Julia Barr, and of course the unforgettable Susan Lucci. It's an interview Pine Valley lovers and comedy buffs alike won't wanna miss!

If you are in the SoCal area be sure to go see Walt Willey in ACME Comedy Theatre's "Unscripted Hollywood Dream Role" this Friday night at 9 pm. ACME Comedy Theatre is located at 135 N. La Brea Ave Hollywood, CA 90036. For everyone else, you can watch the show being streamed live at We will also be posting a reminder with the link on the blog before the show. Also, be sure to visit Walt Willey's official website Willey World.

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The Men and Women of All My Children Speak!

We Love Soaps TV has a batch of new interviews up with the men and women of All My Children. Hosted by Stephen Seidel, who starred in Roger Newcomb's sudsy flick Manhattanites, the interviews feature such Pine Valley dwellers as Bobbie Eakes, Julia Barr, Denise Vasi, Shannon Kane, Natalie Hall, Brittany Allen, Jamie Luner. Vincent Irizarry, Jacob Young, Cornelius Smith Jr., Walt Willey and Adam Mayfield. See the revealing chats after the jump! READ MORE

AMC's Vincent Irizarry Discusses David's "Abandonment Issues"

All My Children's Vincent Irizarry chats with TV Guide Canada about winning his 2009 Daytime Emmy, David Hayward's abandonment issues and problems with the opposite sex.

TVG: David has major issues with the opposite sex!

VI: Yes, major issues! Angela agreed with me and created Vanessa with Marj Dusay. My favourite scene ever is when David first sees Vanessa. At the time, the audience has no idea that Vanessa was David’s mother-from-hell. Later, Vanessa runs out with Erica and suddenly has a heart attack! Erica asks David for help, but all you see is David looking at her like, “You bitch!” Instead of helping his mother, David just stepped over her body and left! That said a lot. It was such a rich story. In that story, we learned David’s father committed suicide in front of him. David’s clearly starved for love. The only person who loved David put a gun in his mouth and blew his brains out. What does that do to a human being? David has major abandonment issues. And a relentless, infinite anger against life —and maybe his father — for leaving him with this psychotic woman.

Read the entire interview at TV Guide Canada. READ MORE

Who Should Greenlee be Paired With on All My Children?

On today's ABC podcast we discuss All My Children's misleading promos claiming Ryan (Cameron Mathison) and Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) are each other's "true loves." Anyone who watched Ryan with Gillian (Esta TerBlanche) or Greenlee with Leo (Josh Duhamel) knows that just isn't true.  Instead of forcing yet another contrived Rylee incarnation on fans, why not pair Greenlee with Jake (Ricky Paull Goldin) or David (Vincent Irizarry), both of whom she has more chemistry with?

Who should Greenlee be paired with?