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Susan Lucci: "Jackson May Be Back"

The interim writing regime is off to a running start over at All My Children. Michael Fairman spoke with the face of daytime, Susan Lucci, about her altar ego's romance with Ryan and what fans can look forward to.

MICHAEL: Ryan, Greenlee and Erica will possibly have a triangle in the New Year. Are you looking forward to that story?

SUSAN: I have no doubts about that. The Ryan/Erica thing is very new and we have had some fun stuff to play just before Thanksgiving, and certainly Greenlee coming back into the picture will complicate things. I think it might also mean that Jackson may be back, so we can have a lot of complications all the way around.

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AMC Update: Julie Hanan Caruthers Re-Ups; Walt Willey Officially OFF Contract!

This just in. According to insiders, Julie Hanan Caruthers has re-signed her contract with All My Children. Hanan Caruthers will in fact remain as executive producer as AMC makes its transition to Los Angeles and its new high definition filming style. Walt Willey (Jack) on the other hand may not be so lucky.  

"Walt is officially off contract," says a mole. "Also, Ray Mac Donnell wasn't at the cast meeting." READ MORE

Is Willey Being Phased OUT at AMC? Will Lucci be Forced on RECURRING?

Sources are telling TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco All My Children may be trying to phase out leading man Walt Willey (Jackson), and push daytime's most famous face Susan Lucci (Erica) to take recurring!

Don’t expect the contract player to appear in Pine Valley “for a while; they want to force him on recurring,” maintains an insider. ABC is also trying to figure out a way to throw Susan Lucci (Erica) on recurring, offers a major network insider. “She just costs too much,” he/she explained. Don’t worry, fans — the network doesn’t know how they will pull this off, but they’re trying to find a way to do it. Hello: L.A.!

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DC #369: ABC Flip Flop

On today's ABC episode of the Daytime Confidential podcast Luke, Regan and Eye on Soap's Belinda discuss the latest in All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live news including...

All My Children's Walt Willey paying the price for speaking out against the Lily and Jonathon pairing during McTavish's reign as head writer. Would Belinda and Regan buy New York and Company clothing based on what All My Children stars are wearing?

The "What if Maxie died" episode was supposed to be really good. Did it live up to the hype? Many major characters were missing in this alternate Port Charles and would Robin really be a robot? Should we be thanking our lucky stars that General Hospital has Maxie and not BJ? Sonny and Jason have reunited. The romance of ages - Jason and Sonny - has reunited, but does anyone care about the regurgitation of this "dynamic" duo? Have opinions changes about NotEmily and Ethan?

David Vickers and the Buchanan family found out that David is Bo's son, but where does the show go from here? In the long run, is it better that David is Bo's son or should he have remained Asa's long lost son? Belinda can't seem to decide whether or not she enjoys the Blair/Todd/Marty/John storyline or if she doesn't.

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AMC's Walt Willey "Paid The Price" For Speaking Out During McTavish's Head Writing Reign of Terror!

It looks like Cady McClain (ex-Dixie) wasn't the only All My Children star who caught hell for daring to speak out against She Who Wielded The Poisoned Laptop.  Popular Pine Valley leading man Walt Willey (Jack) revealed during a joint interview between AMC Superposter and Willey's Official My Space profile, that he too "paid the price" for speaking out about former AMC head writer Megan McTavish's decision to pair Jack's Autistic daughter Lily (Leven Rambin) with tumor-less, homicidal maniac Jonathan (Jeff Branson). READ MORE

Erica Kane, So Many Men to Choose From

All My Children's Erica (Susan Lucci) has had herself many a man over the years and one can't be too hard on her for it, after all she is Erica Kane. It's not like she's a wannabe diva from another ABC soap, who shall remain nameless for the sake of my hope (read the comments) that Pushing Daisies will be saved and who I must say nice things about for a month if it is, who slept with two men in one episode without a shower in between, but I digress. 

Once again, Erica finds herself the center of at least two mens' attention, Adam (David Canary) and Jack (Walt Wiley). With the return of David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry), one can only wonder what might be in store for the former lovers. 

Who do you want Erica with?