Are You In For B&B's Next Generation?

There is more than one battle in the war being played out on The Bold and the Beautiful. The Forresters are downright desperate to regain control of their birthright from the evil clutches of Bill Spencer and the pesky Logan sisters. On a smaller scale however, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) declared herself her grandmother's granddaughter when she found out another Logan joined the fashion house hijinx. The aging of Brooke Logan's (Katherine Kelly Lang) daughter Hope (Kimberly Matula) brought her in the fold as a new intern. Steffy is having a hard time with Hope's presence and it's clear what is setting up. The torch is being passed down to the next generation. Stephanie (Susan Flannery) versus Brooke has a new twist. The question is,

Are you looking forward to the fights of the next generation of Forrester vs. Logan?

Yes, it's time to move the feud to the next generation.
35% (138 votes)
No, nothing will ever top Stephanie and Brooke's battles.
27% (106 votes)
I'm indifferent and don't care about Steffy or Hope!
37% (146 votes)
Total votes: 390


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17 November 2009
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They are not strong enough actresses yet to go down that road....Steffi is getting there, but this new girl is a long way off.

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11 December 2008
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 I'm not a fan of the actress who plays Steffy. That character is ripe for a recast. Maybe "Bitchy Bangs" can play her and I'd be interested.

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26 May 2009
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Is it terrible that the first thing I thought of when I read this post was that the girl playing Hope isn't pretty enough to be Brook's daughter?

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9 October 2007
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Steffy is slowly showing signs, finally. Thomas created a glimmer of interest in me when he threw his sister under Bill, er the bus, when he thought it was a good idea for her to use his attraction for the greater good.

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30 March 2009
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I've been liking Steffy lately but I'm not feeling this new Hope.  I don't really want to see these two going at it just yet. 

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14 December 2008
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I think it's a smart move. I think everyone agrees the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle has been played out to death, but the characters are still favorites, so moving to the next generation keeps the characters in the mix without having to see Ridge waffle between the women once again. It also brings to the fore the fact that Steffy is named after big Steph and shares many of the same qualities - the myopic view of "family comes first, as long as it's mine," the hypocrisy, the win at all costs attitude - that have made Stephanie such a key part of B&B's canvas. I've always thought the lackluster reaction to Steffy was more poor writing for her than Jackie MacInnes Wood, so maybe this will bring something out in the actress,

My only complaint is that, as usual, B&B is being fast paced with all this and throwing stuff at us at breakneck speed. Given the attitude of Logan hate Stephanie has harvested in the family, Katie's using the events with Bill & Katie and with Hope as a reason to trash the Logans makes sense, but it would have been better if it had developed slowly, rather than have all this come on in (in B&B's timeline) a single 48 hour period. Also, we never saw any of this "I feel like I have no dad anymore" resentment from Steffy until the last few episodes, so foreshadowing that would have been a help, too, IMO.

So far, I like Kimberly Matula as Hope; I know it's only two days, but I can see her as Brooke's daughter. I'm not a big fan of SORAS shattering the timelines, but given that it's inevitable, I think there's possibilities that can be played out if handled right.

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16 January 2009
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I like this nwe Hope

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17 November 2008
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I like where the show is going but I don't know if I like this new Hope. She really needs to work on her acting skills. I will reserve judgement until she has been on the show for a while.

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15 July 2008
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I hated Brooke eavesdropping and then barging in like that.  I dont understand why she couldnt let Father and Daughter have their discussion and then talk to Ridge about it.  Has Ridge made it clear that the company goes to Steffy and her brother, not Hope, so what is the point of allowing Hope to invest herself there - assuming that one day they get the company back.

And why do I fear that Katie is going to ask for FC in the divorce, get it and then turn it over to sanctimonious Brooke.

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8 December 2009
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 Anything that moves us past Brooke and Taylor battling it out over The Waffle King is fine by me.  Steffy is slowly (emphasis on slowly) starting to show signs of life.  Hope, I'm willing to give sometime before I toss her in the category of MushMouth Marcus and Thomas.  

Watching today's show got me to thinking about them aging Thorne's daughter Alexandra (Why not?  They've already aged Hope and you know RJ is just around the corner) and toss her into the mix.  Allie can demand that she wants her fair share of Forrester, reminding both Steffy and Hope that unlike them, she's a Forrester by blood....not by name only.  She can be written as harboring resentment for how her father was always treated as the bastard son of the family.  Toss in how she dislikes Taylor because she still blames Taylor for the death of her mother, and the show could have the makings of a devious young woman, ripe to raise some much needed hell.  

Don't mind me....I often find myself brainstorming over story lines and such.  

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8 November 2009
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i find steffy saying she's her grandmother's grandaughter ridiculous & laughable. JMW really sucks as an actress & that new girl playing Hope has only been onscreen a couple of times so i can't judge her yet. i hope that Kimberly Matula is a good enough actress to win me over cause i really want her character to punch Steffy or something. them writers think that steffy is the "future of the show" & the actress just sucks. i really hope they recast that JMW.

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PinupWench, I love your idea about adding Alexandria into the mix. And MushMouth Marcus - that's a perfect nickname for that character. B&B's younger cast is a joke, especially Texas Battle and Drew Tyler Bell. They need to get rid of those two dead weights and recast Jackie MacInnes Wooden.

I Hope Kimberly Matula gets better with time. Remember, Jennifer Finnigan didn't start that great either, but she became the best younger actress B&B ever had. I miss her. I think it's AJ's turn to do primetime now and time for Jennifer to return to B&B.

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Steffy is great and her and bill are fire!

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7 August 2009
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Kimberly puts her to shame...great casting in physical appearance...they look like their on-set parents...and they both act like them child acts POORLY like their onscreen parents and the other is a scene stealer who has won me over in ONE week!!!