Smackdown: Jax and Carly vs. Jax and Brenda

I thought it might be interesting to see how popular Jax and Brenda still are and if Brenda still has what it takes to knock off Carly.

So who is your favorite couple?

Jax & Brenda
66% (321 votes)
Jax & Carly
34% (167 votes)
Total votes: 488


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16 August 2007
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I voted for Jax and Brenda but I probably should have voted for Jax and Carly because a vote for them might be a vote against Carson, and I DON'T want Carson back together.

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20 November 2007
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ITA wit you, anything but Carson, it was dome to death!

Brenda make all her couple work, and they seems so romantic, even with Jason it was fun to watch!

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14 November 2007
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I would prefer Jax and Alexis Smile, but since I can't have that I chose Jax and Brenda...mostly because I don't like seeing Carly with Anyone...

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29 December 2007
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I voted Jax and Brenda just because I love Vanessa Marcil and didn't get to see her too much before she left. I missed all her original scenes with Sony and Jax and forever long for her to return for a extended time so I voted for her. We all have our characters on soaps we forever want back and she's just one of mine.

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2 January 2008
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I loved Jax & Brenda. Ingo & Vanessa are friends in real life and it really showed. They were great together. Brenda felt safe being vulnerable with Jax and they were so hot together. They also knew how to have fun. She really cared about Jax and was not snapping at him every second. She also let Jax be the brilliant international entrepreneur that he was, not some sap who sat home and ran a hotel. Vanessa is brilliant and she never annoyed me when she was on; the same can't be said about most of the leading ladies on GH these days.

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18 November 2007
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Jax and Brenda definately. I loved Vanessa Marcil as Brenda. Carly I have never liked even in those tiny moments she showed some humanity, Carly still annoys the heck out me.