OLTL's Nathan Fillion in Castle or AMC's Kelli Giddish in Chase: Which ABC Soap Alum Will You Be Watching Tonight at 10 pm?

It's the battle of the dueling Mouse House soap alums tonight on primetime! Nathan Fillion's (ex-Joey, One Life to Live) popular, comedic crime procedural Castle returns with its third season tonight at 10 pm EST on ABC. Over at NBC, former All My Children starlet Kelli Giddish's (ex-Di) new US Marshals vs. Criminals drama Chase premieres at the exact same time.

Which ABC Daytime alum will you be watching tonight at 10 pm EST?


Photo of Nathan Fillion courtesy of ABC.
Photo of Kelli Giddish courtesy of NBC.

Chase sounds hot! I'll be watching Giddish. I always liked that Di!
18% (59 votes)
Castle all the way! Come on, it's Nathan Fillion!
76% (250 votes)
Neither. I'm Tivo'ing 'em!
6% (19 votes)
Total votes: 328


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The great thing about being in Canada is that I've already seen Castle (it aired at 7, here, as well as at 10). I will watch Hawaii Five-0 at 10, and since I have the west coast feeds, I will watch Chase at 1am (eastern).

I take my TV viewing very seriously! Wink

Since I review shows, I've already seen H50 and Chase, and both are going to be regular viewing for me. Hawaii Five-0 was outstanding and Kelli will keep me tuned to Chase every week!

God, I love Fall TV season!!!

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Neither. I'll be recording both House Hunter's on HGTV and Hawaii Five-O at 10 and will probably be watching something else I recorded some other day.

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I watched Castle at 7 like TVGord. It's Season premire was awesome. Nathan Fillion is one of those actors that can do anything with just a look, like Tuc Watkins. I'm not even that much of a Castle/Beckett fan but I found myself enjoying their flirtations last night.
I taped Chase and watched it this morning. Kelli Giddish is great and it's alright for a procedural, but I'll probably only watch it from time to time.
Then again my mother *loved* it so we'll see how that works out. Smile