Wishful Casting Poll: Which Soap Stud Should Try on Maverick's Old Flight Suit For Top Gun 2?

With news breaking this week that Paramount is gearing up for a sequel to Tom Cruise's 80's classic Top Gun, I can't help but wonder which young soap stud could play the lead in the sequel, since Cruise only wants to do a lesser role? The Bold and the Beautiful's Brandon Beemer looks like a younger Cruise. Former One Life to Live actor Brandon Buddy is looking for work. Then there's Billy "Killer" Miller from The Young and the Restless, who let's face it, could read the phone book and people would line up for miles around to watch. What do you guys think?
If a soaper was to land the lead role in Top Gun 2, who would you pick?

Billy Miller (Billy, The Young and the Restless)
28% (243 votes)
Greg Rikaart (Kevin, The Young and the Restless)
1% (8 votes)
Brandon Beemer (Owen, The Bold and the Beautiful)
11% (96 votes)
Zack Conroy (Oliver, The Bold and the Beautiful)
2% (15 votes)
Scott Clifton (Liam, The Bold and the Beautiful)
28% (244 votes)
Trent Pike (Asher, All My Children)
2% (16 votes)
Finn Wittrock (Damon, All My Children)
1% (7 votes)
Cornelius Smith, Jr. (Frankie, All My Children)
1% (6 votes)
Brandon Buddy (ex-Cole, One Life to Live)
1% (8 votes)
Jason Tam (ex-Markko, One Life to Live)
1% (8 votes)
David Gregory (Ford, One Life to Live)
5% (46 votes)
Brandon Barash (Johnny, General Hospital)
7% (66 votes)
Dominic Zamprogna (Dante, General Hospital)
4% (39 votes)
Drew Garrett (ex-Michael, General Hospital)
4% (36 votes)
Casey Deidrick (Chad, Days of Our Lives)
1% (6 votes)
Chandler Massey (Will, Days of Our Lives)
0% (3 votes)
Mark Hapka (Nathan, Days of Our Lives)
1% (12 votes)
Other (Write in the comments!)
3% (24 votes)
Total votes: 883


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12 February 2010
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I think that Dominic Zamprogna or Brandon Barash seem like the BEST overall choices from this list. Both actors have the perfect mixture of sexiness, bad boy appeal, comedic talent and hot bodies. I think that either would be the best choices.

Billy Miller would also be good............and his megawatt smile could definitely carry any film, and he's certainly hot. I could see mainstream America and Hollywood falling for him immediately.

The other actors are either too young, not good enough actors, or just don't seem like true leading man material.......

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25 December 2008
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I bet Shia le Beouf wll get the role for some odd reason that seems to evade me completely since I don't see what the big deal is about him at all.

I really don't see any of the persons listed above as a good choice ( they are better than Shia though that's for damn sure).
Say what you want about Tom Cruise now, but he sure had charisma and the "it" factor back then, and I don't see any of the chosen soap actors above as having anything near that.

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14 June 2009
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Brandon Beemer all the way. Top Gun is an all style little substance vehicle that is bromantic and homoerotic by nature. If this doesn't describe the very metrosexual Brandon Beemer to a T, I will eat my hat.
Billy Miller is too bull dog of a man to pull off such a pretty boy role.
Put Miller in a movie with some teeth and some heavy weight costars.

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21 November 2007
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Grady from Guiding Light...

I am sooooo joking.

I'd say anyone except Billy Miller. I don't know what all the fuss is about. Every time I catch a bit of Y&R and he's on I have to change the channel. I sense a bit of arrogance in any scene he is in that just bugs me.

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16 August 2007
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If we can nominate former soap stars under the other option my vote goes to Justin Hartley. He's proven on Smallville he can do the pretty boy ass kicker role really well.

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30 April 2010
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Brandon Barash all the way ! He has a killer smile like the one Tom Cruise showed in Top Gun ..

Then I must say I also love Mark Hapka of DOOL ...

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21 December 2009
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I think Mark Lawson (Brody from OLTL) would fit the role better than all of the other guys on this list.

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3 February 2008
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Where's OLTL's Mark Lawson on this list? He's already proven that he can play a military role and he looks FANTASTIC in uniform (and out of it!) Smile

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14 December 2008
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What about Jacob Young [J.R, AMC?] I haven't always been his biggest fana, but his acting has really been impressing me lately. My other two chices would be Mark Lawsown or Billy Miller.

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16 October 2010
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Adam Gregory, the new Thomas on BB, previously on 90210. Perfection..also should easily be the next Superman.