Should B&B’s Brooke Give Ridge The Heave-Ho and Choose Nick or Thomas?

After all these years of fight Taylor (Hunter Tylo) for Ridge (Ronn Moss) maybe it’s time for Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) to give Ridge the old heave-ho, for good.  Sure, Brooke and Ridge have a long, twisted history, but sometimes it’s that history that becomes their biggest stumbling block. Fortunately, it’s not as if The Bold and the Beautiful is suffering from a shortage of other possible love interests.

One candidate is ex-hubby Nick Marone (Jack Wagner), who hasn’t had boat rocked in quite some time.  Brooke and Nick always shared something special. Another candidate is her husband’s hunky son Thomas (Adam Gregory), who Brooke was stranded on an island with. The two have been caught in a compromising situation more than once and they’ve oozed chemistry together. Whether Brooke was to choose Nick or Thomas, such a twist could breathe new life into Brooke’s storylines.

Should Brooke choose Nick or Thomas?

Yes! Brooke should choose Nick.
46% (435 votes)
Yes! Brooke should choose Thomas.
10% (96 votes)
No! Brooke should stay with Ridge.
44% (418 votes)
Total votes: 949


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It would be to put a knife in Tayho and Stephags heart if Brooke really ended up with Thomas.
How I would love that!
But that would only give them water on the mill (not that it should, Taylow have slept with as many Forrester´s as Brooke + had a fling with Eric as well), so I hope she leaves Ridge and goes back with Nick - since Bridget obviously wont come back (grrrrr...!).