Diva Smackdown: Stacy Haiduk vs. Maura West

When it comes to being in a scene, Maura West and Stacy Haiduk command attention without lifting a finger. The Young and the Restless' Maria Arena Bell missed a huge opportunity to showcase the acting chops of these two dynamite ladies and play up their character's huge rivalry and rich history (Jack was banging Diane in the shower on his wedding day to Patty Cakes!). With everything that is playing out onscreen–thanks to the devious Diane–it makes you wonder, who would win a battle between West's Diane and Haiduk's Patty if these two explosive actresses had gone head-to-head.

Who would win in a scene smackdown, Maura West as Diane or Stacy Haiduk as Patty?

Maura to the West!
68% (844 votes)
Stacy! She's the baddest!
32% (396 votes)
Total votes: 1240


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Ohhhh, this makes me so damn sad. GREAT POINT!! I still miss Patty! Yesterday was unbelievable between Michelle Stafford and Maura West! And LITERALLY smack dab in the middle of the ruckus was a shirtless Josh Morrow. It takes a LOT for me to peel my eyes off of him, but the showdown screaming match was AWESOME.

CHARACTER-WISE, the smackdown goes to Patty. She's off, free as a bird and happy as a clam. Diane is too stupid to see Adam continues to be.... No Good! I can only assume Dy ends up with the Fishes......for REAL.

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Haiduk is over-rated and was way too over-the-top as Patty (and not in a good, campy way). That being said, I would love to see Diane offed at the hands of her rival Patty. It's poetic justice. Diane is responsible for Patty's descent into madness.

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Speaking of murder ...

Wouldn't it be great if for once an actual main character was murdered (and stayed dead) by another actual main character?

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If these characters were written by a more dynamic scribe they could have a legendary rivalry. Unfortunately MAB only knows how to write psycho women. Makes one wonder what kind women MAB hangs with in real life.

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I enjoyed Stacy Haiduk's run as Patty FAR more than I enjoyed Maura West's woefully cast run as Diane. However, my enjoyment of the character was fairly short-lived. Both characters suffered from cartoonish writing that eventually made me stop caring about BOTH of them, but I would give my odds to Stacy Haiduk on this one. I still shake my head as I think about how Maria has mindlessly assassinated Diane Jenkins, turning her into little more than a high priced prostitute.

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The one thing for sure that these two actors or actresses had in common, is 'THEY BOTH HAVE HORRIBLE HAIR'

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My money is on Patti. Insanity is a powerful weapon. It gets past ones conscience. Not that Diane has much conscience but probably just enough to stumble in an all out battle. Plus Patti has Diane's son to hold over Diane's head. That would also be a liability for Diane. The one thing that Diane has going for her is that she is extremely resourceful. She can also worm out of a tight situation better than most. So the battle would be a close one. But I still think Patti would win.

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Patty all day everyday! Is this seriously a debate? HA

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Patty was the baddest b*tch to ever to hit Genoa City in YEARS!!!

she outshined Adam, Sara, Emily, Phyllis!!