Wishful Casting Poll: Should Lee Daniels Cast Susan Lucci in His Valley of The Dolls Adapation For NBC?

Remember when director Lee Daniels said he'd most like to work with All My Children's Susan Lucci following all the acclaim he received from Precious? I think Daniel's upcoming adaptation of the late Jacqueline Susann's Valley of the Dolls would be the perfect, sudsy vehicle for him to cast La Lucci in!

While Lucci wouldn't be in the right age range for the vehicle's three principle twentysomething roles—secretary-turned-cosmetics model Anne, tragic actress Jennifer or Broadway sensation Neely O'Hara—I think Lucci could definitely pull off fading Broadway legend Helen Lawson, who first befriends Anne, then later stabs her in the back. What do you guys think?

Would you like to see Susan Lucci in Lee Daniel's version of Valley of the Dolls on NBC?

Yes! Susan would kill in a new version of Valley of the Dolls!
43% (167 votes)
No! It sounds like a insta-flop!
22% (85 votes)
Yes, but only if she can do the All My Children web series too!
36% (139 votes)
Total votes: 391


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The book is such a great read. I would love to see Susan in the role, but I wonder if she has the ego to pursue a role that is in essence an aging has been and the acting chops to pull it off. I would love to see her try.

I feel that Hollywood suits would want to consider a 40something first, but maybe the stars have aligned to give Susan a chance.

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10 May 2008
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I don't know. With Brothers & Sisters off the air and DH shutting down next year, a lot of out of work actresses are going to be gunning for these roles.

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17 March 2010
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Sounds like another unnecessary remake/reboot. I'll pass if it ever sees the light of day.

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22 January 2011
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Susan Lucci as Helen Lawson? God no!

Ms. Lucci is a big name in daytime, but this a role that should be played by someone with an even bigger profile and who can actually act up a storm. The great Susan Hayward played this role in the sixties and if it's going to be played by another Susan that should be Susan Sarandon.

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16 June 2010
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SL was popular in daytime but in the movies I have seen her do she is always Erica Cane. She would be better off to concentrate on her other endeavors, ie, exercise equipment, etc. Better to go out on top.

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I think Susan would be great as Helen as in the book Helen also has dark hair and Susan played Erica who let's face it had her fabulous bitchy moments like Helen.
I just question if this should be re-done at all.

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12 April 2009
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Susan Lucci may have been a daytime favorite, but bless her heart she couldn't act if her life depended on it. So no, I would not want to see here in a remake of this or any other thing.