Dirty Soap's Nadia Bjorlin's Mom on Brandon Beemer: "If You Get Married and Have Children, I Will Kill You Myself!"

Dang, son! A new episode of E!'s addictive reality sudser Dirty Soap debuted tonight and it wasn't the soapers who were stealing all the scenes, it was their moms (Although Farah Fath's revelation to One Life to Live costar Josh Kelly that JP Lavoisier's ahem, rooster has a tendency to pop out of those pajamas he's forever sporting was almost the episode's parmount moment!)!

Lavoisier's mom, Bambi was worried about her baby boy moving to LA and being rushed into a marriage she thinks he might not be ready for. Bambi, however was about as ferocious as the Disney cartoon character she shares a name with, compared to Nadia Bjorlin's mother Fary! To say Mama Bjorlin isn't feeling her striking daughter's relationship with the equally beautiful Brandon Beemer is an understament on par with saying Kelly Monaco's General Hospital mom Nancy Lee Grahn is a wee bit opinionated on Twitter!

When Mama Bjorlin wasn't cooking up delicious Persian dishes on tonight's eppy, she was calling Beemer names like "stupid" and "arrogant." She also told The Bold and the Beautiful star, to his face, he had no class and said to Nadia, "If you get married and have children, I will kill you myself." Yowser!

Not to say all of Mama Bjorlin's hateration was unmerited, since a clip from next week's show spoils The Beems forgetting Bjorlin's birthday! What do you guys think?

Is Mama Bjorlin the new Supreme Reality Super Bitch, or is she right to be going after Beemer about how he treats her kid?

Mama Bjorlin makes Omarosa and Richard Hatch look like amateurs!
20% (813 votes)
I'm Team Beemer! Nadia's mom needs to back off!
67% (2692 votes)
Go Mama Bjorlin! Brandon needs to step up!
13% (519 votes)
Total votes: 4024


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You need a 3rd choice so neither.

A. She has obviously given her mother information in the past that makes her mom feel this way about her boyfriend. So I can't compare her mom to an obnoxious idiot like Omarosa

B. They both look gorgeous but he might be a doucheberg at times and so I just can't jump on his team after 2 episodes without knowing their history.

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11 April 2009
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Nancy Lee Grahn is just speaking the truth; Dirty Soap is obviously a mixture of the real and the scripted. We're watching actors. They know how to work the cameras. They understand that every show needs a heroine or villain.

Grahn is just being honest with her fans. The show is about helping everyone's career. It gets the names of soap actors out there.

I definitely enjoy Dirty Soap. It's fun.

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How is this show doing in the ratings?

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I dunno about anyone else, but I would FLOOOOVEEE to see John Paul's rooster!!!
Wink Wink

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wow. could TV get any worse. And we talk about this stuff as if it's real. It's all made up and planned out in advance. Reality TV is no more real that little green people walking on Mars.

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So fake, all of it. These are all ACTORS acting. It's entertaining, but we should treat it like any soap.

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John Paul is getting punk by his girl...Farrah comes off as a bitch in this show...John Paul doesnt seem to have a back bone with his mama, or his girl, but Farrah must have some good putang that why he got whip lash.

Kristin seems has hyper has her character on GH Maxie pad who annoys me, and Nadia's mama is off the chain, but she should be more open, but one thing for sure is that food her mama made look like it taste good and was authentic...

However I wonder is Brian Frons watching this show? I just want the cameras to be there when Frons give GH the pink slip next yr. Not trying to be mean, but want to see the emotions, and hope they rip Fronzie a new one...

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I don't really care if it's scripted or unscripted. Clearly the stuff with KM is scripted since the break up was so long ago and she's dating someone else now. But I love the idea that this show is bringing non-soap people into the soap world a bit. And I love catching glimpses of the behind the scenes action! And it's always good for soap actors to have jobs...

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Galen and Jenna come off the most normal, and I'm glad, becasue I love him. Nadia and Brandon both seem nice, and everything I have always read about them seems to indicate that they are very nice. Kirston has issues, but Farrah comes off as the biggest bitch and way more controlling than any of the mothers shown. Never cared for JP, but his mom seems nice and loving. Farrah is so unappealing and a lousy actress to boot--don't know that she will find much professional success now that she is finished with OLTL

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Again, like last week, I thought a lot of the Kelly Monaco(who for some reason I find highly unappealing) and Galen Gering stuff seemed scripted(especially the kid locking himself in the bedroom--hell, the kids are as good as their dad at acting!). The Nadia/Brandon stuff was okay, though not crazy about the mother. Have to say I continue to love and adore John Paul; he has my utmost respect for having to deal with FF on a regular basis(although she seemed less bitchy this ep than last to me). Still loving it.

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I think about all the stage actors who were on soaps for years = actors who had real chops and then I see this crap that makes soap actors look like empty-headed divas. Ironic that a reality show launches after as the genre is almost gone. It might have been more fun five years ago - now it's just sad.

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Am I the only one who completely adores Farah (and JPL, obviously)!? I think she has a personality tailor made for reality tv -- and I don't mean that in a bad way. She's funny. Entertaining. And, best of all, doesn't take herself too seriously. That Bridesmaids bit she did at Nadia's party had me in stitches! I really hope her and JP get their own spin-off from this. They are the only ones worth watching, IMO. Although, I do like Bjorlin and Beemer too.

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You and me both Alstonboy!!! Smile

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Brandon is a cheap, selfish douche. Everything Nadia's mom says about him on screen is true, except possibly the stupid part. He seems very clever. He uses Nadia to get part of her limelight and her money as I hear he never pays for a single thing. According to rumor Nadia keeps him around because she loves his gay friends - and yes he only has gay friends and supposedly he is in fact is gay or bi-sexual himself.. I don't know a single person that knows him that likes the guy!!

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I thought Nadia's mom was funny, Farah is hilarious and JP is so odd lol he is Rex and his mom is Roxy, that's so strange haha. It's funny to me that the only person who was the reason I decided to watch this show for -Kelly, is the one who to me is boring, I'm interested in Kirsten's future stories and Farah and JP are a riot, I can't wait for the confrontation between Kirsten and Farah. Galen and Kelly's stuff is too scripted and I can't be bothered with it, especially knowing she's been dating someone for almost over a year now. On another note..LisaMTV--just know the keyword there is RUMOR, reeeeeeeelax lol

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If you'll pardon the expression, Total B.S. lol

Just for the cameras.

Her daughter (although really quite beautiful)
wears enough make-up for the entire chorus of a Broadway
musical and dresses so short that they barely cover up
her "woo-hoo" & this mother thinks marriage & kids
would be a "suicidal" act.

I'm all for helping to publicize the SOAPS, but
obviously, it's just trying to be another stupid
"Real Housewives" show. And there are far, far, far
too many of those already.

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Someone is confusing Nadia with Chloe.I didn't see Nadia dressing up as you claim she does.She surley is sexy but very classy,not trashy