What is Fall’s Best New TV Show?

We drooled over this fall’s new broadcast series at upfronts, were teased by the networks with teasers over the summer and tuned in for their premieres, but with November sweeps underway and only Fox’s I Hate My Teenage Daughter left to debut, it’s time to vote for your favorite new show. Some new series, like NBC’s The Playboy Club, have already been cancelled  so we haven’t included them on the list.

What is Fall’s Best New TV Show?

2 Broke Girls (CBS)
6% (164 votes)
A Gifted Man (CBS)
1% (33 votes)
Allen Gregory (Fox)
0% (2 votes)
Hart of Dixie (The CW)
2% (56 votes)
Grimm (NBC)
2% (52 votes)
Last Man Standing (ABC)
2% (43 votes)
Man Up (ABC)
0% (5 votes)
New Girl (Fox)
4% (110 votes)
Once Upon a Time (ABC)
17% (422 votes)
Pan Am (ABC)
2% (57 votes)
Person of Interest (CBS)
6% (151 votes)
Prime Suspect (NBC)
2% (41 votes)
Revenge (ABC)
37% (945 votes)
Ringer ( The CW)
7% (167 votes)
Suburgatory (ABC)
2% (46 votes)
Terra Nova (Fox)
2% (50 votes)
The Secret Circle (The CW)
2% (54 votes)
The X Factor (Fox)
2% (38 votes)
Unforgettable (CBS)
1% (35 votes)
Up All Night (NBC)
2% (43 votes)
Whitney (NBC)
1% (16 votes)
Total votes: 2530


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REVENGE - without question!

Biggest disappointments: RINGER, THE SECRET CIRCLE and TERRA NOVA.

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8 November 2008
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I think I've watched more new shows this year than in the past. I'm surprised how much I love Revenge and Once Upon A Time.
Secret Circle, Hart of Dixie and Ringer I'm still watching but I wouldn't be broken up if they were canceled.

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14 June 2009
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to be fair I have only seen about 4 of these shows at all. I only watch two of them on a regular basis, but I like both of them. One is XFactor and the one I voted for is New Girl. I won't miss it. XFactor needs to get a little better. The Paula meltdown aside (I can understand why she was upset. She did a very good job with the groups but they just weren't as good as the other contestants vocally.) the show is a little too flashy and self congradulatory. They need to take the flash down a couple of decibles and concentrate on making a good show. It sometimes just seems like American Idol on steroids.

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The only two shows (in my opinion) that could possibly give Revenge a run for its money, are not on this list, and they are Boss and Homeland. They are to Revenge what The Good Wife is to The Vampire Diaries. Yes, I count the hours between Revenge/TVD week to week, but Boss/Homeland/TGW are excellent, meaty, critically acclaimed dramas, that are just as compelling.

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Do you live in some part of the United States where cable television doesn't exist? Does Daytime Confidential not recognize the existence of cable television? If you prominently display the words BEST SHOW in your headlines, then casually tossing in a reference to "the networks" in the text of your piece really doesn't cut it.

I'd vote for HOMELAND without any question... but I see that those of us who watch cable have been disenfranchised by this list and are left with the lousy alternative of casting write-in votes.

And, by the way, with "the networks" increasingly abandoning the daytime soaps that are central to this website, it is extremely bizarre for Daytime Confidential of all sites to implicitly suggest that the best new nighttime TV series has to come from these same networks.

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Luke this is such an UNFAIR poll. LOL! There's just too much new goodness is some of these shows, like.... Once Upon A Time, Revenge, New Girl, Suburgatory, Hart Of Dixie, Last Man Standing. All super good! I'm so conflicted about my vote, but I went with Once Upon A Time. It's different & a breath of fresh air to me. I'm enjoying getting to know each of the characters & how they relate to Fairy Land & Storybrooke. I love how it seems to build & get better each week. Love, love, love it. I have to say the only other show I'm REALLY excited about hasn't debuted yet... Smash! I can't wait for that one.

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Oh boy. I guess I'm out of the loop. The only program from this list that I've seen is XFactor--which is overproduced and too melodramatic for my tastes. Let those kids just sing, already!

I mostly watch shows on cable. The ones I watch are:
Sons Of Anarchy
Walking Dead
American Horror
Hell On Wheels (kinda boring so far)
Boardwalk Empire
Top Chef
Dirty Soap
The Incredible Dr. Pol
And on Network TV I watch:
Good Wife

I actively avoid watching anything on ABC except GH and OLTL.

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17 July 2009
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Revenge, Person of Interest, and Once Upon a Time are my can't miss shows. I was so happy for them to receive full-season orders. I'll try to catch up on Ringer now that the CW is finally on hulu. I saw the pilot and liked (not loved) it, but I have a scheduling conflict (and no DVR) so I haven't seen more eps, though my cousin swears by it.

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26 May 2010
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Same here CrazyDaisy. It's pretty unusual for me. Not to say I'm a huge fan of all, but it's surprising how many to me are at least watchable for one reason or other.

Here's what I've been checking out....

Pan Am - FAVORITE! One of the best network scripted shows of the last several years easily. Love the 60s setting & fashion as well. Really enjoying the actress playing Kate especially.

Last Man Standing - It's not Home Improvement, but it's okay. TA is right on point. The supporting cast leaves something to be desired. The youngest two daughters aren't much more than window dressing. There's nothing distinctive about the characters so I can't say it's all the actresses' fault. The boss doesn't work either. Good actor, I just don't think the character works for him. The wife is okay, but it's hard act to follow when PR was so awesome as Jill on HI. I feel like the show is missing another adult in the cast. Where's the oldest daughter's baby daddy btw? Overall I wouldn't be upset if it was canceled.

Once Upon A Time - So far so good. This one could be a challenge to keep the quality up in future seasons(I'm assuming they'll get to). I hope tptb are up to it, because it really is good so far.

Ringer - It's a little inconsistent at times, but overall I like it alot. Love seeing Billy Miller & SMG. Although the characters aren't romantically involved, I think the actors have nice chemistry. That said, (since it was picked up for this season) I have a hunch this one will be cancelled by it's next season.

Secret Circle - The writing is a bit streaky & at times repetitious, but there's something about I like more & more. Really like the actresses playing Cassie & Faye. The Melissa character is really useless to me. I don't get her purpose. Otherwise, nice cast.

X Factor - It's not flawless, none the less I'm enjoying it much more than I did the last I watched AI several years ago. They really have much more impressive talent & NO RYAN SEACREST(lol). Paula surprised me how well she did with her groups. My only really complaint is Nicole! She does a great disservice to her protégés with how she handles them & song selection. Yes, the others have petty moments, but with her I see no professionalism whatsoever! I really don't get why she was chosen...eye candy I guess? I wanted to kick her last week when she used "girl power" as an excuse to kick off Stereo Hogz. It's such stupid reasoning. If she liked Lakota Rayne(or w/e) fine, but please don't give tween excuse. Anyways, love Drew! Melanie, Rachel, Astro, Stacy, Josh are great too. Too bad the lead from Stereo Hogz didn't audition as a soloist, because imo he's better than Marcus or Chris.

Suburgatory - This was the biggest surprise to me. It's sarcasm is so on point! I love it. Good cast all around. The girl that plays Tessa is so GOOD! I'm surprised I've never seen her before. This & Pan Am are the ones I really hope stick around a good while.

Up All Night - I like this one, but there's something off that keeps it from being great. I'm not sure what it is yet. Another one I wouldn't be upset if it were canceled.

Whitney - Initially I only liked the leads, but the supporting cast is growing on me - more so the girls. I wouldn't say it's as good as some 90s sitcoms, but Whitney does remind me of them in a good way. Overall definitely growing on me. Hope it's given a chance to stick around.

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I like Whitney some too but the show is too much like one of those indie chick movies that pop around talking about men and women and relationships.
All sit coms and other types of scripted tv shows are about relationships one doesn't have to be soooo blatent about the subject matter. Show us instead of tell us. Other shows such as Everyone Loves Raymond,and The Big Bang therory, are all about relationships but they seemlessly work it into the fabric of the stories they tell instead of just sitting around and commenting on it.If the show added more plot along with the commentary it would be alot like Seinfeld in a good way. I do like the characters and their chemistry. I also think they are very funny. The one liners and set ups are cute. The only thing that I don't like is the stories.
I definately agree with Tealita though. The best tv on tv is NOT on network tv. To her list of impressive shows, I would also like to add just about every show on ShoTime.