Seacrest Succeeding Regis at LIVE?

Rumors have been swirling that American Idol host, E! red carpet host, radio show host and television producer Ryan Seacrest may be replacing Regis Philbin on LIVE. Now the Globe has a front page spread shouting from the rooftops that Seacrest, who has filled in for Regis on multiple occasions, is close to becoming Philbin's successor.

According to The Globe:

“Ryan would be the perfect successor to Regis. He’s subbed several times for Larry King on his CNN talk show, he has his own syndicated morning radio gig, hosts the biggest show on TV, and does special events and red carpet coverage for E! Entertainment Network.”

“The whole focus now is on Ryan to take over,” a show source reveals to the Globe. “They’ll have to think really big bucks to get him to sign on the dotted line.”

Personally, if Seacrest were to take over at LIVE it would be the last time I watched the show so I thought, why not put it up as a poll?

Would you quit watching LIVE if Seacrest succeeded Regis?

The day Seacrest takes over is the day I stop watching LIVE!
48% (138 votes)
I'd give Seacrest a chance but I wouldn't hold my breath.
27% (76 votes)
I LOVE Seacrest! I'd tune in just to watch him.
25% (72 votes)
Total votes: 286


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19 November 2007
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I think Ryan is already overexposed. I like Kelly with Anderson Cooper though.

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16 August 2007
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TOTALLY agree with you on Anderson Cooper....though if Katie Couric leaves CBS news its been rumored that he might take over there. If that happens, we won't see him on LIVE at all.

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1 December 2007
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I don't know. Seacrest is already too exposed. I like when Mark Consuelos subs for Regis. I am kind of fond of Howie Mandel as well.

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22 August 2007
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I haven't watched LIVE in years.  My only question... would Seacrest have to drop one of 30 other jobs to do this?  Isn't everything else he does West Coast based? 

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27 December 2007
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Mark and Kelly are always fun to watch...

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22 January 2008
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I would want another "Mr. New York" like Reege. That's what I LOVE about Reege, he lets you into the glitz and glamour of Old School Gotham. I don't wanna see him go! Sad Who am I gonna watch when I am home sick from work drinking lemon tea with a little whiskey? Okay, a lot of whiskey...

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1 April 2008
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I'd rather have Jeff Gordon as Regis' successor, but I think NASCAR will have his attention for years to come.