Which Scripted Sunday Show Must You Watch Live?

With the holidays over, Sunday night television roared back with the midseason returns of Once Upon a time, The Good Wife, Desperate Housewives and Pan Am. Adding pressure to the DVR, was the debut of NBC’s The Firm, Showtime’s House of Lies, the Absolutely Fabulous anniversary episode and the season premieres of Shameless, Californication and Downton Abbey. However, the true benchmark of a "must see" show is one so important we insist on watching it live, instead of waiting to fast forward through the commercials. 

Which scripted show must you watch live on Sundays? 

Absolutely Fabulous
7% (62 votes)
1% (5 votes)
CSI: Miami
1% (11 votes)
Desperate Housewives
9% (74 votes)
Downton Abbey
20% (172 votes)
House of Lies
0% (4 votes)
Once Upon a Time
29% (244 votes)
Pan Am
2% (15 votes)
7% (55 votes)
The Firm
1% (12 votes)
The Good Wife
19% (160 votes)
Some other series.
4% (31 votes)
Total votes: 845


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For the next couple of wks., it is all about Downton Abbey. Anyone in mourning of soaps, you should give this a try. The first season is available on PBS.com till the 18th.

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Once Upon a Time and Downton Abbey!

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3 March 2009
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Absolutely Fabulous! The title says it all! The new show that came on last night was hilarious, they still got it even after 20 years!

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WoW I have to check some of these out Once upon a Time & downtown Abbey also I haven't really gotten into Shameless. I like Californication although sometimes its a bit over the top. I voted for TGW

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I record several of these shows and the only one I would consider watching live is Downton Abbey because it has no commercials, since it's on PBS. The only shows I watch live are the morning news shows; otherwise I record everything so I can FF...and not just the commercials. I FF through a lot of the soaps too (i.e. anything Sonny).

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I agree with east.west about Downton Abbey...I have just one episode left from Season 1 to watch and then I can start Season 2. This show is great!

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Right now, it is Once Upon a Time. That may change once Mad Men returns. If PBS did not edit Downton Abbey, it would Downton. I prefer the uncut version that airs in the UK.

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Right now every Sunday show I have to dvr or go on demand, because of RHOA and Jamey I really wish you would watch Atlanta Housewives and give us some funny commentary.

Good Wife/CSI Miami I DVR watch Shameless when it repeats at 11PM and Desperate Housewives I either use the other tivo or go on demand. I'm hearing Harry's Law is moving to Sunday. I hope not that just too much for one night.