Jack Wagner And Sherri Shepherd Make Dancing With the Stars Debut!

Former The Bold and the Beautiful and General Hospital star Jack Wagner and The View’s Sherri Shepherd made their Dancing With the Stars debuts on Monday night. Both Wagner and Shepherd hoofed it across the dance floor, performing the Foxtrot with their respective partners Anna Trebunskaya and Val Chermerkovskiy. Wagner earned a score of 21, while Sherri received a score of 23 from the judges.

Do you think Wagner or Shepherd can win Dancing With the Stars?

Yes! I think Jack Wagner can take home the mirror ball.
21% (78 votes)
Yes! Sherri Shepherd has what it takes to win the whole shebang.
6% (24 votes)
No! The competition is too tough. Someone else will win.
73% (274 votes)
Total votes: 376


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I'm pretty sure Sheri Sheppard is still trying to figure out if the dance floor is round or flat.
Love Jack Wagner though- even though I think this show is ridiculous and has gone on for FAR too long - I hope he does well in the competition.

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Never have liked DWTS....and can't seem to ever watch it for more than 30 seconds at a time before dozing off or daydreaming! It's seriously like watching paint dry, but I too wish Jack luck! But he's gotta beat Urkel and Miss Glady's Knight, so he better bring his A-game, and he better be able to dance better than that picture indicates. He seriously looks stiffer than a board!