You Decide: Best Soap of the Week

Which show was the Best Soap of the Week?

The Bold and the Beautiful
5% (86 votes)
Days of Our Lives
19% (326 votes)
General Hospital
59% (1025 votes)
The Young and the Restless
17% (298 votes)
Total votes: 1735


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Hey Daytime Confidential, you need to add a "none of the above" button as well. I got a chance to check out all 4 this week, an episode or 2 of each, and I can say i was bored.

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I enjoyed Days a lot this past week. I liked when Carrie and Sami verbally assaulted each other in the middle of the Brady Pub. I am glad Rafe told Sami he is filing for divorce. I liked the "moment" between Will and Sonny when Sonny was teasing Will about the free coffee card. I like the idea of EJ thinking Rafe and Nicole slept together. I am getting more and more pissed at Lexie. Does she not remember the choices she has made while being married to Abe?

GH also had some great moments. Anna has brought Luke back to life. The two actors are clearly having fun working together. I thought the scenes between Jason and Liz were super and I like that the writers are making sure to feature some of our favorite recurring characters, like Coleman, Alice, and Epiphany. I enjoyed Noah's scenes with Patrick and Tracy's scenes opposite McBain were also a high point for me.