VOTE: Which Soap Leading Man Will Win The Outstanding Lead Actor Daytime Emmy?

Daytime's leading men had plenty of drama to play out last season, but which top dog showed chops worthy of taking home Daytime Emmy gold? You tell us who YOU think will win the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Leading Actor on Saturday night!

Will it be General Hospital's Anthony Geary (Luke) or Maurice Benard (Sonny), The Bold and The Beautiful's John McCook (Eric), One Life to Live's Robert S. Woods or All My Children's Darnell Williams (Jesse)?

Anthony Geary
31% (354 votes)
Maurice Benard
15% (174 votes)
John McCook
5% (61 votes)
Robert S. Woods
22% (248 votes)
Darnell Williams
26% (289 votes)
Total votes: 1126


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4 May 2009
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Woods or Williams!

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15 July 2008
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Gotta be Darnell - I think they will consider how many geary has already won and go with someone whos show was cancelled which leaves DW and RSW and I think DW will probably have a better real with the death of the baby

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5 December 2007
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I can't believe these are the nominations for LEADING actor. None of them are what I would call leading! Geary is gone half the year so he should be considered should the rest of them...except for Bernard. Sonny is the only one that's front and center most of the time, but Sonny is such a repulsive character, I do not want him to win.

When you think about it, who really are the leading men on any of the shows, especially hero-type leading men. I can't think of any off hand. Sad

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21 March 2011
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Okay, DC, I realize Maurice Bernard portrays a mob guy on GH, but please, could you not have found a photo that looked less like a mugshot? There has got to be one (at least) more flattering photo than the one posted with the article. Was this your subliminal way of letting us know Maurice would not be the winner?