You Decide: Worst Soap of the Week

Which show do you think is the Worst Soap of the Week?

The Bold and the Beautiful
36% (454 votes)
Days of Our Lives
25% (311 votes)
General Hospital
13% (161 votes)
The Young and the Restless
26% (327 votes)
Total votes: 1253


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9 April 2012
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Days was sooo bad this past week! I'm about to quit watching.

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3 July 2008
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This has to go to DAYS. This last week was crazy bad. Just a lot of nonsense talk, story repeats and propping unlikable characters.

What the heck is going on there? Nicole is in that stupid storyline which once again makes her look more desperate than manipulative. Last year it was Nicole finding herself without a man ... this year it's about let's find ourselves a daddy. Awful! I don't know why she is living with Jennifer - who doesn't get to grief her husband to go after Daniel. STUPID!

Don't let me even start with Sami Brady's love life. Are we suppose to care? One minute she was with Lucas before going on the run with EJ. Well here I thought we have this once so classic love triangle which makes so much sense. But then Lucas is completely thrown out of her orbit - and BD limited to an appearance once a week - while Rafe gets back in to prove that he saves the day and is better than anyone else. YAWN!

This has nothing to do with intelligent/amazing writing. Even the Will/Sonny storyline is destroyed with these constant flashbacks to the Will/Gabi sex scene. :/

DAYS almost sounds as bad as the recaps I keep reading about Y&R until October arrives. NOT GOOD!

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5 November 2011
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Days bypasses B&B for me this week as the worst. There are bright spots here and there, but very few and far between. I don't think they gave Marlene and Darrell enough time.

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26 May 2012
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My vote definitely went to DAYS. I can't even watch it anymore - and I won't until Kristen arrives.

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9 September 2009
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I watch DAYS for Will/Sonny and Will/Marlena and I also appreciate the usage of veterans--I love seeing Maggie, Caroline and Victor--but those few elements aren't quite enough to salvage some of the other wreckage(though actually I'm kinda liking the potential Nick/Gabi pairing; I suspect when she turns up pregnant somehow she's gonna get Nick involved as a potential baby daddy to spare Will the hassle of completely crushing poor Sonny with the news of him taking a dip in the hetero pool and thus proving Adrienne right about him). And while I do prefer the nicer sides of both Sami and EJ, I can't see how two grown ass women(Sami and Nicole)and two grown ass men(EJ and Rafe)are undecided and/or fighting over who they wanna sleep with; someone needs a healthy dose of Grow the F--- up ASAP. Still, right now I think I'm enjoying DAYS more than most.

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9 April 2012
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The WORST part of Days for me is Will & Sonny! Practically everything on Days sucks right now!

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12 February 2010
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Haven't they fired Melissa "Chicken Little" Reeves yet???

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15 January 2009
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@alstonboy4315: No she makes up the majority audience in another way.... Religiously speaking Days is tops among Christian conservatives. Turns out that is Days audience. So she has a job for life.

MR: Hated by DC/but loved by my fans/who stomp their feet/and clapped their hands Wink

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16 September 2012
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dool, so boring right now, yawn, Rafe.. super yawn, what is/not going on there...
Give us EJ and Sami, and get some ratings up....
Why is Sami taking all the blame for the marriage break up,
I seem to remember This undying love between Carrie and Rafe,
that only her pregnancy could interrupt..... Carrie might be back some day, what then....
Hope Rafe realized, that all the time they broke out in hives, she was still sleeping with her husband Austin.
I wish Sami would ask Rafe, Do you still love Carrie, or did this Super Love
just disappear into thin air... What is going on in Rafe's Head and Heart, for real....
He sure did not care when Sami was with Lucas, but now EJ, is a no, no.
If Rafe thinks it is love all of a sudden, where was this love when Lucas was in the picture.... Hard to understand...
Wish Stefano would get back, this Show is soooooooooooo Stale without him...