You Decide: Worst Soap of the Week

Which show do you think was the Worst Soap of the Week?

The Bold and the Beautiful
25% (213 votes)
Days of our Lives
23% (197 votes)
General Hospital
16% (137 votes)
The Young and the Restless
36% (314 votes)
Total votes: 861


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9 April 2012
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Days was by far the worst soap this week. Not a single scene was worth watching. So sad to see how much the new writers have ruined the show. I used to enjoy it, but now, not so much.

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28 July 2012
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Even though there were some watchable parts I still think BB was the worst soap. Yes, the Bill and Katie scenes were OK, but it still revolved around Liam and bloody Hope.

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14 May 2009
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Y&R of course. What a joke!

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11 September 2008
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I think its time you guys got rid of the best/worst show of the week poll and just do a which show sucked the least poll, because at this point thats what these last 4 soaps have come to. However my vote goes to Days. Sami and Rafe are sickening, the abrupt character changes in Will, Sami, Rafe, Jennifer and Nicole make so sense and finally the over use of flash backs. Jim Riley used tons of flashbacks on Days but I don't remember them showing flash backs of scenes THAT JUST HAPPENED!!!!! Talk about lazy writing, Gary Tomlin has got to go ASAP!

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18 August 2009
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I'm sorry but Y&R was most definitely not worse than DAYS last week. Even though it was ridiculous, as least I was entertained by Y&R.

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7 April 2011
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^^ I'm with stoney07 but I wouldn't compare Y&R to DAYS. DAYS is unwatchable and Y&R still entertained the hell out of me even though I've taken a break from the show for the past few months. Y&R was good soap last week. Victor's "death" was not dragged out and his being alive was revealed almost immediately and in just enough time to see Sharon's outrageous behavior at the funeral. Sharon Case has been a blast to watch.

Jack being comforted by Traci were good scenes (although I resent that she holds such high regard for Victor given that he indirectly caused Colleen's death!)

I liked the Newman Family scenes, Victor/Nikki's reunion and her return to the ranch, Jack confronting Tucker/Gen, Tucker turning his back on Sharon, Danny/Cricket reconnecting and making Phyllis squirm a little.

I loved that the week closed out with Adam showing growth in a gentle moment with Nikki; Victor asking Victoria to return to Newman; Victor/Billy mutual respect; and Doris returning to talk sense to Sharon before a Sharon/Nikki confrontation!

Y&R for the win!

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28 June 2012
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So who's in charge of putting up the stills? You post a pic of Y and R and ask which soap is the worst of the week? Y and R had some good moments this week. That's crap.

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22 January 2011
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Days has turned into background noise for me while I do stuff around the house. The only time I looked at the screen was when those cute boys, Mary Beth Evans, Wally Kurth, and Bryan Dattilo's hair were on.

After not watching Y&R for a year and a half, I began watching again with the milestone episode. It is a hundred times better than Days.

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5 November 2011
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Days again!

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16 October 2008
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DOOL sucked to high heaven!

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30 October 2008
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I think that the photos that DC puts up with the polls are THEIR choice of Best/Worse show... and they then ask you what YOUR opinion is. I see nothing wrong with what they are doing. They are just expressing their opinion while asking you yours.

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26 May 2012
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Are you kidding me? DAYS is like air, it's not bad or good, it's nothing. That's the worst thing there is.

Y&R was VERY compelling this week - it reached 10.000th episode, had new credits AND featured almost the entire cast - how can that be bad?

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16 September 2012
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Days is loosing it I am sorry to say... What is going on there,
boring, boring, boring..... Background babble while I do other things...
Who are all those characters, hard to recognize, who is who anymore....

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6 December 2009
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Even if I don't vote in these ridiculous polls anymore but Y&R WAS NOT the worse soap on the air. I watch 2 soaps and B&B was must see, Y&R had a good week and the special episode featured all the vets but B&B blew me out the water and got all wrapped up with Katie/Bill story and made me wail up with tears! That's good soap. If GH was so good that people are voting then why doesn't it reflect in ratings? Because through out the country (like myself) people don't care for the style of Cartini, as OLTL got all ridiculous. I read Perkie's article, and comments. Some fans are happy and some die hard fans are not happy at all w/GH. It sounds from reading that Ron is throwing some stories in the rinse cycle and rehashing stories from OLTL. Kate and her DID story is just rehashing "Messica" but with a different character. When will Kate turn into "Nate"?...Hmmmm Puzzled