Once Upon a Time vs. Revenge vs. The Good Wife: Which Returning Sunday Night Soap Won Out?

Sunday night was crammed full with the returns of our favorite primetime soaps. From The Good Wife—where Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) proved Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) could train at her knee—to ABC’s entire lineup, anchored by Revenge, there was so much to enjoy.

Once Upon a Time’s second season premiere cast a  spell on the evening, as the citizens of Storybrooke reacted to magic’s return. Did anyone else appreciate how Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) fell into parental and grandparent mode so easily? OUAT has figured out the secret to having a three-generation family under 40! 

Revenge’s own evil queen Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) returned from the dead, as Emily searched for her mother. It should be interesting to see who comes out on top in the Hamptons this season! 

As good as both Once Upon a Time and Revenge were, it was The Good Wife’s Season 4 premiere that I enjoyed most. Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and her children faced off with a less-than-upstanding cop. Meanwhile, Kalinda went toe-to-toe with her husband in elevator and parking garage fights, before ending up in bed with the man!

All-in-all Sunday night was a smorgasbord of soapy drama.

Which soap did you enjoy most Sunday night?

Once Upon a Time
32% (200 votes)
48% (298 votes)
The Good Wife
20% (122 votes)
Total votes: 620


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I actually loved all three first episodes. Sunday night is must see TV for me, as these three shows are my favorite shows on TV at the moment. I gave the nod to OUAT however, because I really didn't know what to expect. OUAT did not disappoint me in the set up the second season.

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6 December 2009
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Isn't the truth Luke, it was Sunday soaps!

My personal taste was at 8PM Once Upon a Time which was very entertaining fantasy soap...but I voted Good Wife...it was riveting drama! Love this soap. I didn't get involved in Revenge last year, sometimes wasn't home on Wednesdays, I would probably like the show very much but I've been with The Good Wife since the beginning. The caboose that could...How TGW has grown in audience over the years saying a lot about CBS's commitment to the series and they have a big hit. TGW worked better on Sundays and picked a huge audience. I love JM since first seasons of ER. mix in CB, CN...Damn you got one hot series with those actors... Love Love Love Love

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TGW is the only one I watch so I didnt vote but it's always better than expected. I cant be the only one who noticed how Broadwaytastic last night's ep was, seeing all those stage actors added to my enjoyment.

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REVENGE's season premiere was great! The return of Queen Victoria and the story developments were fantastic. It was a great hour of soap.

I thought THE GOOD WIFE was great too even though I expected a little bit more after the season finale in May. The introduction of Kalinda's husband was very down-played and seemed also confusing at times. Besides that I have to say that I expected Will and Diane much more involved in rescuing their firm. We didn't see much of a fight for now. But it was still a great episode!!!! Smile

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I voted for The Good Wife.

The Good Wife has long been my favorite show and I love the fact that they are capitalizing on Kalinda. The story itself was good, but the growth of Alicia's son was a sight to behold...especially as it pertains to the new election.

Revenge was also good, but since there was no way that Victoria was dead, it was anticlimactic for me. To me, the surprise was knowing that the White haired man was working with both Graysons.

OUAT was good, but the jury is still out. For the most part, when a new character is introduced, we are also told their story (with the OUAT twists), so that it can make sense in this show. Mulan just popped up and in love with a Prince while helping him fight for the woman that he loves???? Makes no sense to me. Also, did anyone notice that Regina had magic in the end? Did she get it because old girl touched her? Did she always have magic and did she set this up from the beginning?

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I can't believe you aren't watching "Revenge"! It really is a great Soap! I wish the daytime shows would take a page from the prime time shows.

Does anyone know how the ratings for "Revenge" were last night? I hope the move to Sundays were good for the show.

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I never thought I'd be complaining about there being too much good stuff to watch. Smile

But it's true. Primetime is just packed with TV goodness. I might find myself giving less time to the daytime soaps just so that I can catch up with primetime and cable.

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The. Good. Wife. Hands. Down.

But soapjunkie88's quote is frankly a bit confusing:

The introduction of Kalinda's husband was very down-played and seemed also confusing at times. Besides that I have to say that I expected Will and Diane much more involved in rescuing their firm.

SUPER SPOILERS as a warning for those who have who haven't seen it yet....


How is this even possible? With Nick, there is a pre-introduction in the form of one of Nick's thugs who appears at Kalinda's door with a gun, who she greets with her own gun while sitting in a chair, culminating in a fight where she breaks old boy's hand with Thor's sledgehammer (AWESOME SCENE ONE)! Then unknown to Kalinda, Nick is introduced as one of the firm's newest clients (clearly there for Kalinda) just as the firm's fortunes are in the toilet...then when Kalinda finally comes face to face with him, she KICKS HIS ASS in an elevator AND the office garage (AWESOME SCENE TWO!)...before HOLDING A GUN ON HIM AFTER THEY HAVE SEX (AWESOME SCENE THREE)! I don't see how that is down-played in any way whatsoever! She hates him, she's turned on by him, it's 100 Shades of Grey! ( Not sure what was confusing: he wants her back; she doesn't, but likes that sex!) Nick is a dangerous gangster and I missed Marc Warren, being a big fan since his days starring in "Hustle" in the UK.

As for the firm, I didn't expect Will & Diane to be setting up a lemonade stand to raise money as a way to clear 60 million in the red. Plus the manipulation of the receiver to keep David at the firm was genius! Everything that happened sets up marvelous complications going forward.

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Kendall- The ratings for Revenge were good. Check out entertainment weekly .com they have a bit about it

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I watch Revenge because the show so good, and DVR The Good Wife. I'm not into Once upon a Time. I have many friends who are into it, but isn't it a fairy tail turned into a drama? Is that the premise of the show-

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gato1 wrote:
Kendall- The ratings for Revenge were good. Check out entertainment weekly .com they have a bit about it

http://www.zap2it.com/tv/ratings/ gives the ratings for all shows, usually by noon the day following the shows.