Did ABC’s Nashville Sing The Right Tune?

After months of built up anticipation and fantastic trailers promoting Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) vs. Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere), Nashville premiered Wednesday night on ABC. You might not have to be a country music fan to enjoy Nashville, but the ABC drama was packed with boot scootin' charm and at least one or two “bless his/her hearts” (which my Daytime Confidential co-hosts have led me to believe is a polite Southern put down).

My favorite part came when Rayna’s two daughters were singing along to Juliette’s song in the car until she shut it off. When they protested, she replied, “Mama’s got a headache.” One character I hope to see more of is Avery Barkley (General Hospital's Jonathan Jackson). 

What grade do you give the Nashville pilot?

50% (399 votes)
27% (216 votes)
11% (89 votes)
4% (31 votes)
8% (60 votes)
Total votes: 795


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I would have given it an A, but Juliette is too one-dimensional (so far), so I voted B. She doesn't need to be so completely rotten. I hope they level the playing field in coming weeks.

Great show, though! I really enjoyed it!

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28 September 2009
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I gave it an A because I loved it! I think they did start to show why Juliette is the way she is with the scenes involving her mom. I'm sure they will develop that more in the coming episodes. I also thought the scene where she was so excited to meet Deacon and the scene where she was crying while he sang showed a more vulnerable girl.

I'm already in love with Rayna and Deacon, though.

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I have not seen it but to answer your quest about "Bless his/her heart" it is an insult. You use it to indicate that someone is stupid for example someone could tell you "My Aunt Shirley once called the fire department because she found a spider in her sink that would not come out when she told it to." You would say "bless her heart".

Another thing is "Tacky". Tacky is equivalent to "Bitch". So if you are a Yankee visiting the south and unfamiliar with that word so you ask a friend of yours who is sitting with you that knows the south if that person across the room is tacky be prepared to be bitch slapped.

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Deacon seems like he's gonna betray Rayna REAL fast and that's gonna make me mad...LOVE LOVE LOVE Scarlett and Gunnar. They are HOT together! Avery seems like a big ole D-bag! GREAT show!

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While I did enjoy it, I gave it a C. I do expect the grade to get higher as the weeks go on. My reasons for the C are mainly because I felt like I was watching stories and relationships that are too recently-recycled from Smash, The Good Wife, and Revenge. I'm hopeful that the storylines will twist in different directions to make them unique. Love the cast. I will continue to watch. I am not a fan of country music and even I enjoyed it.

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I enjoyed the actors very much but it seemed flat for an opener. It can only get better...I voted C

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Yes Luke, "Bless your heart" is indeed a put down. You don't want someone saying that to you. I had a coworker friend say that to people who annoyed her. It was her way of saying "F--- you" when the other person was being more of a pain than helpful.

The show itself was enjoyable. I like the development of the characters. There is potential, it felt like it was developed well, like there is a plan for these folks. I'm enjoying Rayna and Deacon and where it goes. There's definitely potential, a B+ for me. Of the new shows I've seen this season, I enjoyed along with "Revolution", "Go On" and "The Mindy Project".

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I want to know if Juliette and Avery will hookup? Because I don't know if he will be able to handle all of that.Juliette is a piece of work and then some.This is a great show.